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import sys
#Made and Coded by @Snowytrack or Sungwoo Cho
#The Variable Bois
#Look At All The Colors!
purple = "\033[0;35m"
blue = "\033[0;34m"
green = "\033[0;32m"
red = "\033[0;31m"
yellow = "\033[0;33m"
white = "\033[0;37m"

searchEngineTerms = ["Chromebook", "MacBook" , "Windows", "Linux", "YouTube" , "Snowytrack" , "Minecraft" , "Fortnite" , "Gaming" , "Movies" , "Snacks" , "Repl.it" , "Marvel" , "DC" , "BobTheTomatoPie" , "Python" , "The Office", "Clarinet" , "Spongebob" , "Squidward" , "L'Mansburg" , "To stop searching, type Stop Searching."]

yourUsername = str(input("Please enter your username:\n"))

thequestion = str(input("Do you want to search the browser " + yourUsername + "?\n"))

print("\n\n\n\n\nAlso, this search engine is Caps-heavy, so all of the \nsearch terms won't come up \nunless you actually have a capital letter.")

print("\n\nYour search terms are:\n")

print(*searchEngineTerms, sep = "\n")


while thequestion == "yes" or thequestion == "y":
  yoursearch = str(input("Enter your search: "))
  if yoursearch == "Chromebook":
    print("A laptop that looks good, but is actually trash.\n")

  if yoursearch == "MacBook":
    print("The world's most popular brand of laptop, and it's pretty decent.\n")

  if yoursearch == "Windows":
    print("The world's most popular OS, and for good reason.\n")

  if yoursearch == "Linux":
    print("HACKERMAN or CODERMAN\n")

  if yoursearch == "YouTube":
    print("Inhabited by clickbaiters and mukbangers, \nthis website is truly a dark, and mysterious place.\n")

  if yoursearch == "Snowytrack":
    print("A mediocre coder / YouTuber that \nmakes terrible programs, like this.\n")

  if yoursearch == "Minecraft":
    print("The Holy Video Game, nothing else can compare.\n")

  if yoursearch == "Fortnite":
    print("Trash game. Populated by loud 9 year olds and Twitch Gamers.\n")

  if yoursearch == "Gaming":
    print("It was a hobby like 20 years ago, but now it's a profession.\n")

  if yoursearch == "Movies":
    print("Pretty entertaining, however I would watch YouTube instead lmao\n")

  if yoursearch == "Snacks":
    print("Haha snack go MUNCH MUNCH\n")

  if yoursearch == "Repl.it":
    print("The world's best program-sharing \nwebsite out there.\n Stop saying copy of Github.\n")

  if yoursearch == "Marvel":
    print("Comics > Movies.\nChange my mind.\n")

  if yoursearch == "DC":
    print("A knockoff of Marvel.\nDC fans raging right now lol\n")

  if yoursearch == "BobTheTomatoPie":
    print("Coder god / Big Brain Man.\nOnly few have the wisdom like him.\n")

  if yoursearch == "Python":
    print("The only coding language that matters. \nNo seriously\n")

  if yoursearch == "The Office":
    print("The best sitcom out there. \nDon't even compare The Office to Big Bang Theory. \nYuck!\n")
  if yoursearch == "Clarinet":
    print("A musical instrument that I play. \nAlso, Squidward's clarinet go BWAP BWAP\n")
  if yoursearch == "Spongebob":
    print("My childhood. PATRICK\n")
  if yoursearch == "Squidward":
    print("The most depressed squid in the ocean. \nHeavily misundertsood, just wants happiness. \n:(\n")

  if yoursearch == "L'Mansburg":
    print("Tommyinnit and Wilbur Soot's \nnation on the Dream SMP.")
  if yoursearch == "Stop Searching":
    print("Your wish is my command.\n")

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