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{% if wizard.steps.current == '7' %}
                    <div class="row">
                        <div class="col-md-6">
                            <i class="fas fa-arrow-left" name="wizard_goto_step" value="{{ wizard.steps.prev }}" style="color: rgb(12, 12, 140);cursor: pointer;" onclick="goBack()"></i><span style="color: rgb(12, 12, 140);" class="fw-bold">&nbsp;&nbsp;Upload Documents
                        <div style="font-weight:bold; font-size:19px;color:darkblue;">
                            <label>Application ID - </label>
                            <label>{{ sca.student_application_id }}</label>
                        <div class="row">
                            <div class="col-md-12">
                                    <a data-toggle="collapse" href="#uploadInstructions" role="button" aria-expanded="false" aria-controls="uploadInstructions">
                                        INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPLOADING
                                <div class="collapse" id="uploadInstructions">
                                    <p style="font-size: small;">
                                        Before uploading scanned copies of the mandatory supporting documents listed below, please ensure that they are complete in all respects, failing which your application will be considered as incomplete and rejected. <b>Please SELF ATTEST all academic mark-sheets and certificates using your FULL SIGNATURE.</b>
                                    <p style="font-size: small;">
                                            For certain documents such as marksheets where multiple pages may need to be uploaded, you may scan multiple pages into a single pdf file and upload it. Alternatively, you may scan different pages as separate pdf files, then create a zip file of these pdf files and upload it as a single zip file.
                                    <p style="font-size: small;"><u>Documents to be uploaded</u></p>
                                    {% autoescape off%}
                                        {% include sca.program.document_upload_page_path|document_path %}
                                    {% endautoescape %}
                        <form method='post' enctype="multipart/form-data" id="upload_form_ajax">
                            <h5>Document Names with a RED asterisk are mandatory. For final upload confirmation, all mandatory documents should be submitted. Please refer the Document Upload Guidelines on the right hand side to ensure complete and correct submission of documents.</h5>
                            <h5>Please ensure the total size of all files you upload doesn't exceed 32 MB.</h5>
                            <table class="table table-bordered" style="font-size: 11px;">
                                {{ formset.management_form }}
                                    {% if five_columns %}
                                       <th><b>Rejection Reason</b></th>
                                    {% endif %}
                                    {% for form in formset.forms %}
                                            {% include 'registrations/inclusion/upload_form_wizard.html' with form=form %}
                                    {% endfor %}
                                {% if not document_submission_flag %}
                                <b style="color:red">Further submission or re-submission of documents for this program has now been disabled as admissions for this program has been closed or is near closure for the current batch</b>
                                {% endif %}<br>
                            <div class="button-container d-flex justify-content-end">
                                    <input id='upload_doc_sub' class="btn btn-rounded btn-primary btn-next" type="submit" value="Submit"/>
                {% endif %}
                <!-- Upload Document End -->

            {% if wizard.steps.current != '7' %}
            <div class="button-container d-flex justify-content-end">
                    <input class="btn btn-rounded btn-primary btn-next" type="submit" value="Next"/>
            {% endif %}
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