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# Weather Forecasting Software

This software will provide the current weather and forecast for the next 3 days for a given location.

## Features

- Display current temperature, humidity, and weather conditions
- Predict weather conditions for the next 3 days
- Provide detailed information about each day's forecast (including high/low temperatures, precipitation, and wind speed)

## Getting Started

To get started, the user will need to enter a location (either by searching for a city or inputting latitude/longitude coordinates). The software will then retrieve the current weather data and forecast for the next 3 days using a weather API.

## Current Weather Data

The current weather data will include the following:

- Temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius)
- Humidity
- Weather conditions (e.g. "clear", "cloudy", "rainy", etc.)

## Forecast for the Next 3 Days

The forecast for the next 3 days will include the following:

- High temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius)
- Low temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius)
- Precipitation (probability and type, if any)
- Wind speed and direction

## Example Output

Here's an example of what the output might look like:
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