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import re
import random

def parse_spintax(text, num_variations):
    pattern = r'\{([^{}]+)\}'
    matches = re.findall(pattern, text)
    variations = []
    for match in matches:
        options = match.split('|')
    parsed_texts = set()
    while len(parsed_texts) < num_variations:
        parsed_text = text
        for options in variations:
            selected_option = random.choice(options)  # Выбираем случайную опцию
            parsed_text = parsed_text.replace("{" + "|".join(options) + "}", selected_option, 1)
        if parsed_text not in parsed_texts:
        if len(parsed_texts) == num_variations: 
        # Перемешиваем варианты для следующей итерации
    return parsed_texts

text_with_spintax = '''{Hello|Hi} Name,

My name is Scott, and {I am a manager at Ledger|my role is manager at Ledger}. 
I am {pleased|excited} to contact you with an {offer|invitation} to join our {team|company}.

After {carefully reviewing|thoroughly examining} your experience and LinkedIn profile, we are confident that your proficiency and {knowledge|skills} align with our requirements. We are looking for {talented|skilled} and ambitious {experts|individuals}, and you seem to be just such a {person|candidate}.

Ledger guarantees not only {career development|professional growth} but also a {competitive|attractive} salary. We are {delighted|pleased} to announce that we provide the opportunity to work remotely, giving you the flexibility to {organize|manage} your {work process|workflow}.

In addition to salary, our {employees|team members} receive a variety of {bonuses|additional rewards|benefits} and {incentive payments|motivational incentives} to help them achieve their goals, and we're {confident|sure} that these additional benefits will make your experience at Ledger even more rewarding and {motivational|inspiring}.

If you are interested in discussing {partnership opportunities|collaborative prospects}, please let us know. We look forward to getting to know you personally and discussing how you can contribute to our company.

{Thank you|Thanks} for your {consideration|attention}, and we look for a {positive|affirmative} {response|reply} from you.

{All the best|Best Regards|Best Wishes},
{Scott|Scott Johnson}

num_variations = 10
parsed_variations = parse_spintax(text_with_spintax, num_variations)

with open('skazka.txt', 'w') as file:
    for i, variation in enumerate(parsed_variations, start=1):
        variation = re.sub(r'\{|\}', '', variation)  # Удаление символов '{' и '}'
        file.write(f"{i}. {variation}\n")

print("500 variations have been saved in 'skazka.txt'.")
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