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# DiscordSRV Configuration
# Need help? Join our Discord, https://discordsrv.com/discord

# Don't touch pls
ConfigVersion: 1.27.0

# Bot token; don't know what this is? Look at the video on the plugin page for instructions
# You must restart your server after changing this option
BotToken: "MTE5ODAyMzc4OTIxNzMyMTEwMA.G_6iSF.55eJzvaktsWJuLmiubg4TnETCa-OsXNi-65v0k"

# Channel links from game to Discord
# syntax is Channels: {"in-game channel name from Minecraft": "numerical channel ID from Discord", "another in-game channel name from Minecraft": "another numerical channel ID from Discord"}
# All of DiscordSRV's messages will go to the first channel unless there's a channel for that type of messages defined:
# when using a compatible chat plugin, the channel name will be the one from that plugin (for chat messages)
#  - If you're using TownyChat, the default channel is usually called "general" instead of "global"
# for player chat messages (when not using a chat plugin): global
# for server start/stop messages: status
# for achievement/advancement messages: awards
# for death messages: deaths
# for join messages: join
# for leave messages: leave
# for dynmap messages: dynmap
# for watchdog messages: watchdog
# for /discord broadcast: broadcasts (unless specified in the command)
# for account linking: link
# The first part of channel pairs is not the Discord channel name!
# Run "/discord reload" after changing this option to apply
Channels: {"global": "1198026646746304542"}

# Console channel numerical ID (NOT NAME), leave blank to disable the console channel all together
DiscordConsoleChannelId: "1198026635597844481"

# Invitation link shown to players when using /discord and on the message shown to unlinked players when linking is enforced
DiscordInviteLink: "https://discord.gg/a7box"

# Debug information
# Don't enable these unless you're attempting to locate an issue
# Available Debug categories:
# MINECRAFT_TO_DISCORD  - Messages coming from Minecraft
# DISCORD_TO_MINECRAFT  - Messages coming from Discord
# GROUP_SYNC            - Group synchronization
# PRESENCE              - The bot's game status or presence
# VOICE                 - The voice module (see voice.yml)
# REQUIRE_LINK          - The require link to join module (see linking.yml)
# NICKNAME_SYNC         - Nickname synchronization
# ALERTS                - Alerts (see alerts.yml)
# WATCHDOG              - The watchdog
# BAN_SYNCHRONIZATION   - Ban synchronization
# LP_CONTEXTS           - LuckPerm's contexts
# ACCOUNT_LINKING       - discord/minecraft account linking
# UNCATEGORIZED         - Anything not in any of the above categories
# ALL                   - All the above categories (including UNCATEGORIZED)
# JDA                   - JDA's debug messages
# JDA_REST_ACTIONS      - For debugging JDA's rest actions
# CALLSTACKS            - Displays the stack trace for DiscordSRV debug calls
Debug: []

# Legacy option for transitioning to the new Debug option,
# setting this to anything above 0 is the same as setting Debug to [ALL]
DebugLevel: 0

# Experiments
# These features are not fully optimized; use at your own risk

# JDBC (MySQL/MariaDB)
Experiment_JdbcAccountLinkBackend: "jdbc:mysql://HOST:PORT/DATABASE?autoReconnect=true&useSSL=false"
Experiment_JdbcTablePrefix: "discordsrv"
Experiment_JdbcUsername: "username"
Experiment_JdbcPassword: "password"

# Webhook Delivery
Experiment_WebhookChatMessageDelivery: false
Experiment_WebhookChatMessageUsernameFormat: "%displayname%"
Experiment_WebhookChatMessageFormat: "%message%"
Experiment_WebhookChatMessageUsernameFromDiscord: false
Experiment_WebhookChatMessageAvatarFromDiscord: false
Experiment_WebhookChatMessageUsernameFilters: {}

# Embed & webhook image/avatar url format
# Alternative embed avatar url for offline servers:
# https://cravatar.eu/helmavatar/{username}/{size}.png#{texture}
AvatarUrl: https://crafatar.com/avatars/{uuid-nodashes}.png?size={size}&overlay#{texture}

# Reserializer
# Converts formatting (bold, italics, underline, strikethrough) between Minecraft and Discord
Experiment_MCDiscordReserializer_ToDiscord: false
Experiment_MCDiscordReserializer_ToMinecraft: false
Experiment_MCDiscordReserializer_InBroadcast: false

# Other
CancelConsoleCommandIfLoggingFailed: true
ForcedLanguage: none
PrintGuildsAndChannels: true
ForceTLSv12: true
NoopHostnameVerifier: false
MaximumAttemptsForSystemDNSBeforeUsingFallbackDNS: 3
TimestampFormat: EEE, d. MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss z
DateFormat: yyyy-MM-dd
# https://docs.discordsrv.com/config/#Timezone
Timezone: default
# MinecraftMentionSound: Whether a sound should be sent to the player in Minecraft when they are mentioned from Discord
MinecraftMentionSound: true

# Plugin hooks
# You must restart your server after changing these options
# DisabledPluginHooks: plugin hooks that will not be used (usually just the name of the plugin).
# VentureChatBungee: enables the VentureChat hook's BungeeCord functionality (messages are received from every server, requires atleast 1 player to be online)
# EnablePresenceInformation: enabled presence information, which is required for some of our PlaceholderAPI placeholders. Keep in mind this requires the "Presence Intent" from the Discord developer portal
# UseModernPaperChatEvent: only use this if you have a chat plugins that SPECIFICALLY utilizes Paper's "AsyncChatEvent"
DisabledPluginHooks: []
VentureChatBungee: false
EnablePresenceInformation: false
UseModernPaperChatEvent: false

# Game Information
# Sets the "Playing: ______" indicator for the bot.
# Can be a single, static value, or cycle through multiple different options
# You can preface the status with "playing", "watching", or "listening to" to set the activity type
# PlaceholderAPI placeholders are supported
# DiscordGameStatus: Text to display. Can be a single value e.g. "Minecraft", or multiple values e.g. ["Minecraft", "yourip.changeme.com"]
# DiscordOnlineStatus: Activity status to display. This must be one of the following: ONLINE, DND, IDLE or INVISIBLE
# StatusUpdateRateInMinutes: How frequently to cycle the status
DiscordGameStatus: ["Minecraft"]
DiscordOnlineStatus: ONLINE
StatusUpdateRateInMinutes: 2

# Chat channel information
# The chat channel is the text channel that all messages in-game will be sent to and all messages sent
# to this channel on Discord will be sent in-game
# DiscordChatChannelDiscordToMinecraft: whether to send messages in the chat channel to the server chat
# DiscordChatChannelMinecraftToDiscord: whether to send messages in the server chat to the chat channel
# DiscordChatChannelTruncateLength: the maximum length of messages from Discord to be sent to Minecraft
# DiscordChatChannelTranslateMentions: whether to translate mentions like @Person for Minecraft to Discord messages
# DiscordChatChannelAllowedMentions: types of mentions allowed in Minecraft to Discord messages; types missing from the default value are "role", "here", & "everyone"
# DiscordChatChannelEmojiBehavior: how emojis should be sent to Minecraft. Can be "show", "name" or "hide"
# DiscordChatChannelEmoteBehavior: how emotes should be sent to Minecraft. Can be "name" or "hide"
# DiscordChatChannelPrefixRequiredToProcessMessage: the character(s) required to prefix a message for it to be sent from Minecraft to Discord (example "!")
# DiscordChatChannelPrefixActsAsBlacklist: Whether the prefix should act as a blacklist
# DiscordChatChannelRolesAllowedToUseColorCodesInChat: list of roles allowed to use color/format codes in Discord to Minecraft chat
# DiscordChatChannelBroadcastDiscordMessagesToConsole: whether to print processed discord messages to the console
# DiscordChatChannelRequireLinkedAccount: whether to require players have their Discord account linked to their Minecraft to have their Discord messages sent to Minecraft
# DiscordChatChannelBlockBots: whether bots should be blocked from Discord -> MC chat
# DiscordChatChannelBlockWebhooks: whether webhooks should be blocked from Discord -> MC chat
# DiscordChatChannelBlockedIds: ids of discord users (or bots) that should not have their messages processed & sent to MC
# DiscordChatChannelBlockedRolesAsWhitelist: if the following list should be treated as a whitelist (true) or a blacklist (false)
# DiscordChatChannelBlockedRolesIds: ids of discord roles that should not have their messages processed & sent to MC
# DiscordChatChannelRolesSelectionAsWhitelist: if the following list should be treated as a whitelist (true) or a blacklist (false)
# DiscordChatChannelRolesSelection: list of roles that should be filtered from all of a user's roles
# DiscordChatChannelRoleAliases: list of role aliases (alternate names for roles to use in Minecraft messages)
DiscordChatChannelDiscordToMinecraft: true
DiscordChatChannelMinecraftToDiscord: true
DiscordChatChannelTruncateLength: 256
DiscordChatChannelTranslateMentions: true
DiscordChatChannelAllowedMentions: [user, channel, emote]
DiscordChatChannelEmojiBehavior: "name"
DiscordChatChannelEmoteBehavior: "name"
DiscordChatChannelPrefixRequiredToProcessMessage: ""
DiscordChatChannelPrefixActsAsBlacklist: false
DiscordChatChannelRolesAllowedToUseColorCodesInChat: ["Developer", "Owner", "Admin", "Moderator"]
DiscordChatChannelBroadcastDiscordMessagesToConsole: true
DiscordChatChannelRequireLinkedAccount: false
DiscordChatChannelBlockBots: false
DiscordChatChannelBlockWebhooks: true
DiscordChatChannelBlockedIds: ["000000000000000000", "000000000000000000", "000000000000000000"]
DiscordChatChannelBlockedRolesAsWhitelist: false
DiscordChatChannelBlockedRolesIds: ["000000000000000000", "000000000000000000", "000000000000000000"]
DiscordChatChannelRolesSelectionAsWhitelist: false
DiscordChatChannelRolesSelection: ["Don't show me!", "Misc role"]
DiscordChatChannelRoleAliases: {"Developer": "Dev"}

# Console channel information
# The console channel is the text channel that receives messages which are then run as server commands
# by the console as well as having the server's console being streamed to line by line
# You can customize the message including removing timestamps in messages.yml
# DiscordConsoleChannelLogRefreshRateInSeconds: rate in seconds between sending lines from the console
# DiscordConsoleChannelUsageLog:
#    %date%:  current date
#              example: 2017-01-01
#    PlaceholderAPI placeholders are supported
# DiscordConsoleChannelBlacklistActsAsWhitelist: whether the blacklisted commands list acts as a whitelist instead of blacklist
# DiscordConsoleChannelBlacklistedCommands: phrases wrapped in quotation marks that users should not be able to send as commands to the console
# DiscordConsoleChannelFilters: regex filters to be applied to console lines being sent to Discord, if the result is empty the message won't be sent at all
# DiscordConsoleChannelLevels: levels to send to console channel via appender
# DiscordConsoleChannelUseCodeBlocks: if the console should be wrapped in code blocks and colored
# DiscordConsoleChannelBlockBots: whether bots should be allowed to send commands in the console channel
DiscordConsoleChannelLogRefreshRateInSeconds: 5
DiscordConsoleChannelUsageLog: "Console-%date%.log"
DiscordConsoleChannelBlacklistActsAsWhitelist: false
DiscordConsoleChannelBlacklistedCommands: ["?", "op", "deop", "execute"]
DiscordConsoleChannelFilters: {".*(?i)async chat thread.*": "", ".*There are \\d+ (?:of a max of|out of maximum) \\d+ players online.*": ""}
DiscordConsoleChannelLevels: [info, warn, error]
DiscordConsoleChannelUseCodeBlocks: true
DiscordConsoleChannelBlockBots: false

# Chat channel command execute command
# These options control the ability to say "!c kick Notch", or whatever the prefix is to run a command,
# as the console, from a registered chat channel.
# DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandEnabled: whether to allow console commands from a chat channel.
# DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandNotifyErrors: whether to send a user who tries to run a command without permission that they don't have permission
# DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandPrefix: prefix to use for console commands. e.g. "!c tps"
# DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandRolesAllowed: the user roles that are allowed to execute server commands from the chat channel
# DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandWhitelist: list of commands that are able to be ran with DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandPrefix
# DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandWhitelistBypassRoles: list of roles that bypass the whitelist
# DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandWhitelistActsAsBlacklist: should the command whitelist act as a blacklist instead
# DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandExpiration: time in seconds until a sent command output is automatically removed by the bot. set to 0 to disable expiration.
# DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandExpirationDeleteRequest: whether to delete the message of the person that originally issued the command
DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandEnabled: true
DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandNotifyErrors: true
DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandPrefix: "!c"
DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandRolesAllowed: ["Developer", "Owner"]
DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandWhitelist: ["say", "lag", "tps"]
DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandWhitelistBypassRoles: ["Owner", "Developer"]
DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandWhitelistActsAsBlacklist: false
DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandExpiration: 0
DiscordChatChannelConsoleCommandExpirationDeleteRequest: true

# Chat channel player list command
# All the config stuff for the player list command
# DiscordChatChannelListCommandEnabled: whether the command is enabled
# DiscordChatChannelListCommandMessage: the command people can type to get the player list
# DiscordChatChannelListCommandExpiration: time in seconds until a sent player list message is automatically removed by the bot. set to 0 to disable expiration.
# DiscordChatChannelListCommandExpirationDeleteRequest: whether to delete the message of the person that originally requested for the player list
DiscordChatChannelListCommandEnabled: true
DiscordChatChannelListCommandMessage: "playerlist"
DiscordChatChannelListCommandExpiration: 10
DiscordChatChannelListCommandExpirationDeleteRequest: true

# Chat channel blacklisted phrases & regex
# DiscordChatChannelGameFilters: regex filters to be applied to chat messages being sent to Discord, if the result is empty the message won't be sent at all
# DiscordChatChannelDiscordFilters: regex filters to be applied to chat messages being sent to Minecraft, if the result is empty the message won't be sent at all
DiscordChatChannelGameFilters: {}
DiscordChatChannelDiscordFilters: {".*Online players \\(.*": "", ".*\\*\\*No online players\\*\\*.*": ""}

# Channel topic updater settings
# ChannelTopicUpdaterChannelTopicsAtShutdownEnabled: whether the channel topics should be changed at server shutdown at all
# ChannelTopicUpdaterRateInMinutes: amount of minutes between automatically updating the channel topics with fresh information
ChannelTopicUpdaterChannelTopicsAtShutdownEnabled: true
ChannelTopicUpdaterRateInMinutes: 10

# Channel Updater
# This feature changes the name of specified channels to comply with in-game placeholders
# Options:
#   ChannelId: The ID of the channel to change (required)
#   Format: The format for the channel (required). Available placeholders:
#     %playercount%:   current player count
#     %playermax%:     maximum player count
#     %date%:          current date and time
#     %totalplayers%:  total number of players to ever join the main world
#     %uptimemins%:    number of minutes since DiscordSRV has started
#     %uptimehours%:   number of hours since DiscordSRV has started
#     %motd%:          motd of the server
#     %serverversion%: server version such as Spigot-1.9
#     %freememory%:    free memory of the JVM in MB
#     %usedmemory%:    used memory of the JVM in MB
#     %totalmemory%:   total memory of the JVM in MB
#     %maxmemory%:     max memory of the JVM in MB
#     %freememorygb%:  free memory of the JVM in GB
#     %usedmemorygb%:  used memory of the JVM in GB
#     %totalmemorygb%: total memory of the JVM in GB
#     %maxmemorygb%:   max memory of the JVM in GB
#     %tps%:           average TPS of the server
#     PlaceholderAPI placeholders are also supported
#   ShutdownFormat: The format the channel should take when the server has shut down. Available placeholders:
#     %time% or %date%: current date and time
#     %serverversion%:  server version
#     %totalplayers%:   total number of players to ever join the main world
#     %timestamp%:      current unix timestamp
#   UpdateInterval: Time in minutes to wait between updating the channel's name (minimum is 10 due to rate limits)
  - ChannelId: "0000000000000000"
    Format: "%playercount% players online"
    ShutdownFormat: "Server is offline"
    UpdateInterval: 10
  - ChannelId: "0000000000000000"
    Format: "Current TPS: %tps%"
    ShutdownFormat: "Server is offline"
    UpdateInterval: 10

# Discord canned responses
# These are triggers (commands in a way) that will trigger a "canned response" to be sent as a reply to them
# You should probably change these from their defaults or add your own
# Syntax is {"TRIGGER": "RESPONSE", "TRIGGER": "RESPONSE", ...}
# If you do not want any canned responses, set this to just {}
# PlaceholderAPI placeholders are supported for the values
DiscordCannedResponses: {"!ip": "yourserveripchange.me", "!site": "http://yoursiteurl.net"}

# Minecraft to Discord account linking
# These are the options pertaining to how linking a Minecraft account to a Discord account functions
# MinecraftDiscordAccountLinkedConsoleCommands: commands to run when an account is linked, see below for possible placeholders
# MinecraftDiscordAccountUnlinkedConsoleCommands: commands to run when an account is unlinked, see below for possible placeholders
# %minecraftplayername%: player's Minecraft username
#                         example: Notch
# %minecraftuuid%:       player's uuid
#                         example: you know what a uuid looks like
# %discordid%:           linked discord account's id
#                         example: 12345678901234567890
# %discordname%:         linked discord account's username
#                         example: Notch
# MinecraftDiscordAccountLinkedRoleNameToAddUserTo: the name or id of a discord role to add a discord user to when they link their account
# MinecraftDiscordAccountLinkedAllowRelinkBySendingANewCode: allows sending a new code to the bot to unlink and relink with the new code
# MinecraftDiscordAccountLinkedUsePM: link accounts using PMs
# MinecraftDiscordAccountLinkedMessageDeleteSeconds: Time (in seconds) before deleting the message when linked in a text channel. Set to 0 if you do not want to delete the message.
MinecraftDiscordAccountLinkedConsoleCommands: ["linkrewards %minecraftplayername%"]
MinecraftDiscordAccountUnlinkedConsoleCommands: ["", "", ""]
MinecraftDiscordAccountLinkedRoleNameToAddUserTo: ""
MinecraftDiscordAccountLinkedAllowRelinkBySendingANewCode: false
MinecraftDiscordAccountLinkedUsePM: true
MinecraftDiscordAccountLinkedMessageDeleteSeconds: 0

# Server watchdog
# The watchdog constantly monitors the last time your server performed a game tick
# If the time since the last tick goes above the set interval in seconds, Discord messages can be triggered
# ServerWatchdogEnabled: whether the watchdog is enabled at all
# ServerWatchdogTimeout: time in seconds that need to elapse before the watchdog takes action (Spigot's crash detection uses 60 for this)
#                        the minimum for this value is 10
# ServerWatchdogMessageCount: the amount of times ServerWatchdogMessage is sent. useful if you *really* want to make sure you know something's up
ServerWatchdogEnabled: true
ServerWatchdogTimeout: 30
ServerWatchdogMessageCount: 3
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