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// Race info taken from
// Class info taken from
// Alignment info taken from
import java.util.Scanner;

public class LabMishMashS23

 This is not one single program but rather snippets of code that might be 
 included in methods inside a class
 Work your way progressively through the tasks as instructed in comments
 Work on ONE task at a time.
   public static void main (String [] args)
      Scanner in = new Scanner(;
   // *************** TASK MAGIC WORD 
      System.out.println("\n\n*** TASK Magic Word \n");
      System.out.println("Enter the magic word ");
   // String input =; 
      String input = "A";   
   //Write code that will print BAZINGA! when the user types the word Please.
   //Make sure you account for any variation of upper and lower case.
   //When the user types anything other than Please, print NOPE!
   //  **************** TASK COPY CAT
   //System.out.println("\n\n*** TASK Copy Cat \n");
      System.out.println("How many copies are you making? ");
      int copies = in.nextInt();
   /*Write code that will calculate and print the cost of copies assuming that copies are
      5 cents each for the first 100 copies
      and 4 cents for any copies over 100
      So for 50 copies the cost would be $2.50
      and for 106 copies the cost would be $5.24 ($5 for the first 100 plus 0.04 * 6)
      int lessThanHund = copies;
      int moreThanHund =0;
      if(copies >100){
         lessThanHund = 100;
         moreThanHund = copies - 100;
      double cost = lessThanHund*0.05 + moreThanHund * 0.04;
   // ************** TASK Alter Ego
   //Write code to print the alter ego based on the user's response or 
   //print "not a valid selection"
      System.out.println("\nWhich alter ego do you want to know? \n");
      System.out.println("\n  1. Iron Man");
      System.out.println("\n  2. Wonder Woman");
      System.out.println("\n  3. Hulk");
      int choice = in.nextInt();
      if(choice == 1){
         System.out.println("Iron MAN has IRON");
      }else if(choice == 2){
         System.out.println("Wonder Woman is Wonderful");
         System.out.println("Hulk never dies");
   // ************** TASK Grade
      System.out.println("\n\n*** TASK Letter Grade  \n");
      System.out.println("\n Enter a grade between 0 and 100 and I will tell you your letter grade. \n");
      int grade = in.nextInt();
      String letterGrade = "F";
      if(grade >= 0){
         if(grade <= 100){
            if(grade >=90){
               letterGrade = "A";
            }else if(grade >=80){
               letterGrade = "B";
            }else if(grade >=70){
               letterGrade = "C";
            }else if (grade >=60){
               letterGrade = "D";
      System.out.println("Grade ==== " + letterGrade);
   //add an input statement for the integer grade and then an if else chain to print the grade
   //note: we haven't covered ANDs or OR's 
   //if you arrange your if-else chain appropriately, you don't need it
   //**************** BEACON
   //The beacon light on top of Boston's John Hancock building forecasts the weather:
   // Steady blue, clear view.
   // Flashing blue, clouds due.
   // Steady red, rain ahead.
   // Flashing red, snow instead.
      System.out.println("\n\n*** TASK Beacon  \n");
      System.out.println("\n Enter 1 for blue or 2 for red");
      int color = in.nextInt();
      System.out.println("\n Enter 1 for steady or 2 for flashing");
      int status = in.nextInt();
   //Print the weather based on the user's input. Again we don't have relational operators like ANDs and ORs yet.
         System.out.print("Blue    ");
      }else if(color == 2){
         System.out.print("RED     ");
      if(status == 1){
      }else if(status == 2){
   // **************** TASK AURA
      System.out.println("\n\n*** TASK Aura  \n");
      System.out.println("Enter a number between 0 and 9 and I will guess your aura ");
      int number = in.nextInt();
      String aura = "";
      String possibleAura = "AmberAzureBerylCoralHazelIvoryLilacMochaOlivePeach";
   // Write code that will set aura as a 5 letter substring of the string above with the starting
   // position being 5 times the number the user just entered.
   // For example if the user enters 3 the aura is Coral
   // HINT: you are looking for a SUBSTRING
      aura = possibleAura.substring(number*5, (number*5) + 5);
      System.out.print("I am sensing your aura today is a lovely shade of "+ aura);       
} //end MishMash