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2 months ago
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1st Query - 

This Query is perfect to do this. But you need to change it slightly I think. You should change database in query- EVM(network: $netzwerk, dataset: combined)

Query - https://ide.bitquery.io/BenQue1

The response can of be anyone of below

1. If its below

"BalanceUpdates": [
        "Balance": "0.000000000000000000",
        "BalanceUpdate": {
          "Address": "0xe290067bda29aab3b7b9fc7129c4b271eea02bae"

Then, This holder had this token before now it is not holding anymore

2. If Empty response

"BalanceUpdates": [] 

Then he never hold this token before

3. If having balance. Below reponse

"BalanceUpdates": [
        "Balance": "0.002",
        "BalanceUpdate": {
          "Address": "0xe290067bda29aab3b7b9fc7129c4b271eea02bae"

Then he still holds the token

2nd Query  -

We are trying to fix the issues you mention soon

But I have few suggestions in this query

The Filter of symbols  "symbols": ["WETH", "USDC", "USDT"] will not only filter genuine WETH,USDT,USDC token but will also take fake USDT/WETH/USDC token and will get show  in the result.

To avoid this, Filter by Currency: {SmartContract: {is:  }} always.

Please let me know if you need this query

3rd Query- 

We are working on the issue you mentioned

Other than that, Looks fine fine to me but I have same suggestion as Query2

Filter by Currency: {SmartContract: {is / not / in :  }}  .Filtering by symbol will also include fake tokens

4 Query -

Query is correct.

We are working on the issue you mentioned

5 Query -

Query is correct

All parameters are working correct except blockTime

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