Simple Pathfinding 2

Simple pathfinding script 2 avatar
3 years ago
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local a=game:GetService("PathfindingService")
local b={} for _,_ in pairs(workspace:GetChildren())
do if _.Name=="Node"then b[#b+1]=_ end
end for _,f in pairs(workspace.Cthulu:GetChildren()) --the name of the AI
do wait(.1) Spawn(function()while wait() do
			local _=b[math.random(1,#b)]
			local _=a:ComputeRawPathAsync(f.Torso.Position,_.Position,500)
			if _.Status==Enum.PathStatus.Success --found its way yay
			then local e=_:GetPointCoordinates()
				for _,b in pairs(e) do
				local a,c=workspace:FindPartOnRay(,,-10,1)))
				if a then b=c e[_]=c end
				end local b=false
				local _ for a=1,#e,2 do local c=e[a] if b then break end local d = 0
				repeat d=d+1
				if d>100 then b=true
							break end f.Humanoid:MoveTo(e[math.min(#e,a+1)])
						if c.Y>f.Humanoid.Torso.Position.Y-1
						then f.Humanoid.Jump = true --jump
				end _=(c*,0,1)-f.Torso.Position*,0,1)).magnitude wait()
				until _<5
				end else f.Humanoid:MoveTo(f.Torso.Cframe*,0,05))
end end end) end