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๐Ÿ‘† These Among Other Inbuilt Features And Benefits ๐Ÿ”ฅ.""",


Wuutrade Is Part Of The Wuuworlds Ecosystem that offers financial products and features Including Metaverse.""",

"""๐Ÿ“Œ PLAY2EARN = 

The Wuutrade Foundation Is To Educate And Encourage Users by Providing Earning Capacities And Special Bonuses which is present in each tournament and match, and that makes the ecosystem fair.""",

"""โšก ENERGY = 

Energy is the user's match and tournament Tool. 1 energy is used for any match play, energy is refilled every 2-hours. Users can purchase, earn and win โ€œFast Refillโ€ or โ€œEnergy Tanksโ€ boosts, which shorten energy refill time or grant an extra Energy as applicable.""",

"""๐Ÿ‘ฅ TEAMS =

In Wuutrade Ecosystem, Teamsย  have a joint score, bonuses and perks based on the overall performance of each member. A Team Can create a Room To Invite Other Team Members, And Each Team Can Have a Maximum Of 10 Members. Statistics And Leaderboard will Be Available On The Platform.""",

"""๐Ÿก CHATROOM = 

WuuTrade is also a social platform where users have access to public open chat rooms and can create private rooms to chat also about Wuutrade And Other Trending Topics.""",


Tournaments Are Community Challenges where users globally compete with each other for prizes and titles. There Are Several Stages in the tournaments where user challenge another to Advance to the next stage.

Types Of Tournaments

- Whizz Tournament (Daily) 
- Week-end Tournament (Weekly) 
- Wonder Tournament (Monthly) 

๐Ÿš€ Our Version 1 Will Feature Only Whizz Tournaments. A User can participate in as many active tournaments as possible and each tournament reward.""",

"""๐Ÿ† LIVE-MATCH =

The Live Match Runs Live And Last Only 24hrs, The Live Match Will have 2 Entries :-

WUUT on The Web
WUUC on The Mobile App

The rewards will be distributed with the Matches Token and a User can Only Participate Only In one Active Live Match.""",


Public Room Is an open match where anyone can attend and compete with any other user and can contain 10 participants per match. A User will spend 1 energy to create a public room And the winner is rewarded shortly after the match.""",


Users Can Create Invitation Based Rooms To compete with each other or the AI. Private rooms are unlike Public rooms hidden from the public and are by invitation only.""",


A User Can Create or join a PvP Match. This Match is a 1-1 Challenge between Players and the winner get Rewarded. The Winner Receives a free Energy Refill and other free boosts.""",

"""๐Ÿค– PLAYER v AI =

WuuTrade features artificial intelligence where a User can compete against AI to improve their skills and also excitement while playing to challenge the AI.""",

"""๐Ÿš€ BOOSTS =

Boots Are Special Items Used to provide simulation-based perks. Boosts are not only simplifiers in decision making while running a simulation but are also a supplement to decision making. Users will earn boosts while participating in the tournaments or matches.""",


Subscriptions are introduced to simplify the Usage of the platform, by learning and practicing Without being Limited. $Wuut Can Be Used for Subscriptions Ranging from the Least To the highest Package.
We Have 3 subscription plans available:-
Each Package Has its different features and bonuses.""",

"""๐Ÿค REWARDS =

WuuDrop is WuuTrade's rewards mechanism.WuuDrop is distributed in a Live Match and a Tournament, contains a WuuNFT. Winners are also categorized into 3 levels based on the total number of Gems they hold upon the competition of a tournament.""",


Wuuworlds Team prepared Special courses for both amateurs and professionals so as to have a deep knowledge of the financial market ranging from :-
-Technical analysis
- Fundamental Analysis
- Blockchain And Cryptocurrency
More Courses will be added to the academy and all courses will have the WuuTrade's Logo.""",


Private courses are well Analyzed by the Team before publishing, they are marked with the course providers logo and might Attract fees to access. They are courses attained from educational institutions and experts.""",


These are free courses available in the academy provided by other entities like mentors, exchanges and brokers and they are often explanatory guidelines.""",

"""๐Ÿ† Tournaments Sponsorship =

WuuTrade In partnership with other entities who Sponsor and allocate prizes in tournaments will organize special tournaments. Sponsors logo and other promotional materials will be available at the venue of the event.""","""๐Ÿ“TOKEN =

$WUUT is WuuTrade platformโ€™s native token deployed on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 Standard token. WUUT is a utility token used for in-app purchases, transaction fees, voting, staking and cross-platform interactions within the WuuWorlds ecosystem. Staking rewards, referral rewards, bonuses and other perks are distributed to all users as WUUT. $WUUT will later be available on BNB Chain and Arbitrum."""]