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Resident(x) | Organization(x) | Individual(x) | DiplomaticMission(x) | Consulate(x) | InternationalOrg(x) | RepOffice(x) | ProjOffice(x) | ForeignOrg(x) | VietnamCitizen(x) | ForeignIndividual(x) | PermittedToReside(x, y) | TermDeposit(x, y) | CreditInstitution(x) | SumOfMoney(x, y, z) | Agreement(x, y) | FullRepayment(x, y).

Resident(x): x is a resident.
Organization(x): x is an organization.
Individual(x): x is an individual.
DiplomaticMission(x): x is a diplomatic mission.
Consulate(x): x is a consulate.
InternationalOrg(x): x is an international organization.
RepOffice(x): x is a representative office.
ProjOffice(x): x is a project office.
ForeignOrg(x): x is a foreign organization.
VietnamCitizen(x): x is a Vietnamese citizen.
ForeignIndividual(x): x is a foreign individual.
PermittedToReside(x, y): x is permitted to reside in y (e.g., Vietnam) for a specific duration.
TermDeposit(x, y): x is entitled to make a term deposit in y.
CreditInstitution(x): x is a credit institution.
SumOfMoney(x, y, z): x deposits a sum of money in y for a period z.
Agreement(x, y): x and y have an agreement.
FullRepayment(x, y): x gets full repayment of principal and interest from y.

1. all x (Resident(x) -> (Organization(x) | Individual(x))).
2. all x (Customer(x) -> (Resident(x) | DiplomaticMission(x) | Consulate(x) | InternationalOrg(x) | RepOffice(x) | ProjOffice(x) | VietnamCitizen(x) | (ForeignIndividual(x) & PermittedToReside(x, Vietnam) & (Duration(x, 6months) | DurationMore(x, 6months))))).
3. all x (TermDepositPayer(x) -> Customer(x)).
4. all x (TermDeposit(x, Vietnam) -> (Customer(x) & (CreditInstitution(y) & SumOfMoney(z, y, t) & Agreement(x, y) & FullRepayment(x, y)))).

all x (ForeignIndividual(x) & PermittedToReside(x, Vietnam) & Duration(x, 6months) -> TermDeposit(x, Vietnam)).
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