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// Import necessary libraries and modules for localization and internationalization

// Define global variables and constants

// Initialize app components (e.g., UI elements, data models, APIs)

// Implement user authentication and authorization logic

function onAppLoad() {
  // Perform app initialization tasks (e.g., fetching data, setting up UI)
  // Localize app UI and content based on the user's device language settings

function loadLanguageResources(language) {
  // Load language-specific resources (e.g., strings, images, audio) for the selected language
  // and store them in local data structures for easy access

function displayLocalizedContent(contentKey) {
  // Retrieve the localized content for the given content key
  // and render it on the app's UI

function switchLanguage(language) {
  // Switch the app's language to the selected language
  // by loading the corresponding language resources and updating the UI

function generateMealPlan(dietaryPreferences, healthGoals, schedule) {
  // Implement logic to generate a meal plan based on the user's input
  // and store it in a local data model

function displayMealPlan(mealPlan) {
  // Render the generated meal plan on the app's UI, including meal names,
  // recipes, and nutrition details, in the selected language

function customizeMealPlan(mealPlan) {
  // Implement logic to allow users to customize the generated meal plan,
  // such as substituting or modifying meals based on their preferences,
  // in the selected language

function addToShoppingList(meal) {
  // Add selected meals from the meal plan to the user's shopping list
  // with localized content in the selected language

function logMindfulEatingHabits(eatingHabits) {
  // Allow users to log their mindful eating habits, such as portion sizes,
  // eating speed, and mindful eating techniques, in the selected language

function analyzeEatingHabits(eatingHabits) {
  // Implement logic to analyze the user's eating habits and provide insights
  // on their progress towards their health goals, in the selected language

function shareMealPlanOnSocialMedia(mealPlan) {
  // Implement logic to allow users to share their meal plans, recipes, and
  // mindful eating experiences on social media platforms, with localized content
  // in the selected language

function updateMealOptions() {
  // Fetch and update meal options, recipes, and nutrition information from
  // a remote API or database, with localized content in the selected language

function handleUserFeedback(feedback) {
  // Collect and analyze user feedback to improve app functionality,
  // usability, and user experience, in the selected language

function handleAppSecurity() {
  // Implement security measures, such as data encryption, secure
  // authentication, and input validation, to protect user data and privacy

// Implement event handlers for UI interactions and user inputs

// Implement app navigation and routing

// Implement app localization and internationalization logic, including support for
// English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch,