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Dedicated and motivated professional with a strong work ethic and leadership skills. Seeking a warehouse position where I can leverage my experience, teamwork abilities, and attention to detail to contribute to a fast-paced and organized environment.

Professional Experience:

Montego Bay Casino Resort, West Wendover, NV
Fine Dining Restaurant Supervisor
October 2017 - Present

- Progressed from Cashier to Server, demonstrating adaptability and a commitment to excellence.
- Promoted to Supervisor role, responsible for overseeing staff and ensuring exceptional customer service.
- Managed restaurant operations, including inventory control, staff scheduling, and customer relations.

Wendover Fire Department, West Wendover, NV
Lieutenant Volunteer Firefighter
August 2019 - May 2021

- Started as a Paid Volunteer and advanced to the role of Lieutenant, displaying leadership and teamwork skills.
- Participated in firefighting, emergency response, and community outreach efforts.
- Conducted training sessions and provided guidance to junior volunteers.


West Wendover High School, West Wendover, NV
High School Diploma
Graduated: [Month Year]

Salt Lake City Community College, Salt Lake City, UT
Completed [Number] credits toward [Your Major]
[Year] - [Year]


- Fluent in Spanish
- Leadership and supervisory experience
- Excellent teamwork and collaboration skills
- Strong work ethic and motivation
- Attention to detail
- Time management skills

Available upon request.


Please make sure to tailor this resume to the specific warehouse position you are applying for by emphasizing relevant skills and experience. Additionally, consider reaching out to your references and obtaining their permission to list them on your resume or have their contact information readily available for potential employers.

Feel free to make any further adjustments to the resume as needed and ensure that it aligns with the job application requirements and company culture of the organization you're applying to. Good luck with your job search!