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Certainly! Here's the rearranged table with the columns ordered as "Savings Medium," "Definition," "Features," "Advantages," "Disadvantages," "Suggested Investment," "Time to Hold," "Loss Ratio," and "Returns Ratio":

Savings MediumDefinitionFeaturesAdvantagesDisadvantagesSuggested InvestmentTime to HoldLoss RatioReturns Ratio
Savings AccountsBasic deposit accounts offered by banks, providing easy access to funds with lower interest rates.Bank accounts with low interest ratesHigh liquidity, FDIC insuranceLow interest rates, may not beat inflation-N/ALowLow to Moderate
Certificates of DepositTime-bound deposits with fixed interest rates, requiring funds to be held until maturity.Time deposits with fixed terms and ratesFixed interest rates, low riskLimited access to funds before maturityModerate to HighVaries (e.g., 3 months to 5 years)Low to ModerateModerate
Money Market AccountsInterest-bearing accounts with features of both savings and checking, often offering higher interest rates.Similar to savings accounts, may offer higher interestHigher interest, check-writing privilegesLimited returns compared to riskier investmentsModerate to HighShort-termLowLow to Moderate
Government BondsDebt securities issued by governments, providing fixed interest payments and return of principal at maturity.Issued by governments, low-riskFixed interest payments, return of principalLow yields compared to riskier investmentsModerate to HighMedium to Long-termLowLow to Moderate
Corporate BondsDebt securities issued by corporations, offering fixed interest payments and potential for capital appreciation.Issued by corporations, varying riskFixed interest payments, potential for capital appreciationDefault risk, market-sensitive pricesModerate to HighMedium to Long-termModerateModerate
Stocks (Equities)Ownership shares in companies, providing potential for capital gains, dividends, and voting rights.Ownership in companies, potential for capital gains and dividendsHigh potential returns, ownership stakeMarket volatility, risk of lossModerate to HighLong-termModerate to HighHigh
Mutual FundsInvestment funds that pool money from multiple investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of securities.Pools money from multiple investors, diversified portfolioProfessional management, diversification, liquidityManagement fees, market riskModerate to HighMedium to Long-termModerate to HighModerate to High
Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)Investment funds traded on stock exchanges, offering diversification and low expense ratios.Traded on stock exchanges, similar to mutual fundsDiversification, low expense ratios, liquidityMarket risk, may trade at a premium or discountModerate to HighMedium to Long-termModerate to HighModerate to High
Real EstateOwnership of physical properties for potential appreciation and rental income.Investment in physical propertiesPotential for appreciation, rental incomeIlliquidity, property management challengesHighLong-termModerate to HighModerate to High
Retirement Accounts (e.g., 401(k), IRA)Specialized accounts with tax advantages designed for long-term retirement savings.Tax-advantaged accounts with contribution limitsTax benefits, long-term retirement savingsEarly withdrawal penalties, contribution limitsAs much as contribution limits allowLong-termLow to ModerateModerate to High
CryptocurrenciesDigital or virtual currencies using cryptography for security, offering decentralized and potentially high returns.Digital or virtual currenciesHigh potential returns, decentralized natureVolatility, regulatory uncertaintyLow to HighShort to Long-termHighHigh
Precious Metals (e.g., Gold, Silver)Physical commodities like gold and silver, providing a hedge against inflation and potential for capital appreciation.Physical commodities with intrinsic valueHedge against inflation, potential for capital appreciationLack of income generation, storage and security concernsLow to HighLong-termLow to ModerateLow to Moderate

This arrangement organizes the information based on the specified categories, making it easier to compare and understand the different savings mediums.

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