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patch venue from list_ids in db

What’s Needed

Add a function to multiple_list class to patch a venue to a list of list_ids

request params: user_id, venue_id, list_ids

response: True if successful, throw error if not

upsert to user_favorite_venue

if list/venue is not found, throw a flask_resy NotFoundError

add tests for all scenarios

Note: the difference between an add or remove and patch

in add/remove, we want to be able to add a venue to a single (or multiple) lists, but we don’t want to update all list associations (you can do a partial edit)

in patch, you want to make sure the the venue is only associated to the give list of lists - it’s both an add and remove in one operation


Multiple Lists - ability to patch venue to lists

Acceptance Criteria

function created to add/remove venue from lists in database