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        # Handling step type
        elif data['type'] == 'step':
            username = data['data']['username']
            step_count = data['data']['step_count']
            date_received = datetime.datetime.strptime(data['data']['date'], '%Y-%b-%d').date()
            headers_dict = dict(request.headers)

            # Get telegram_id from users table using username
            c.execute('SELECT telegram_id FROM users WHERE username = %s', (username,))
            row = c.fetchone()
            if not row:
                return {"status": False, "error": f"No user found with username {username}"}
            telegram_id = row[0]

            # Check if an entry exists for the user in steps_data
            c.execute('SELECT date FROM steps_data WHERE telegram_id = %s', (telegram_id,))
            row = c.fetchone()

            # If there's an entry and the date doesn't match the current payload's date, reset today_steps to 0 and set the date to date_received
            if row and row[0] != date_received:
                c.execute('UPDATE steps_data SET today_steps = 0, date = %s WHERE telegram_id = %s', (date_received, telegram_id,))

            # Insert or update steps_data for the date in the payload
            INSERT INTO steps_data (telegram_id, date, today_steps) 
            VALUES (%s, %s, %s) 
            ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE today_steps = today_steps + %s
            ''', (telegram_id, date_received, step_count, step_count))

            # Update total steps in leaderboard
            c.execute('UPDATE leaderboard SET total_steps = total_steps + %s WHERE telegram_id = %s', (step_count, telegram_id))

            # Retrieve current balance
            c.execute('SELECT balance FROM balances WHERE telegram_id = %s', (telegram_id,))
            current_balance = c.fetchone()[0]

            # Calculate the new balance
            new_balance = current_balance + step_count * 2

            # Ensure the daily balance itself doesn't exceed 20000
            if new_balance > 20000:
                new_balance = 20000

            # Update balance
            c.execute('UPDATE balances SET balance = %s WHERE telegram_id = %s', (new_balance, telegram_id))


            # await client.send_message(int(telegram_id), f'Steps updated by {step_count} \n Balance updated by {new_balance}')
            return {"status": True, "type": "step", "data": data['data'], "header": headers_dict}
            return {"status": False, "error": "Unsupported type"}

    except Exception as e:
        return {"status": False, "error": str(e)}