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def get_messages(request):
    if request.method == 'GET':
        auth_header = request.headers.get('Authorization', '')
        if not auth_header.startswith('Bearer '):
            return JsonResponse({'error': 'Authorization token not provided or invalid'}, status=401)

        token = auth_header.split('Bearer ')[1]

            # Validate the token
            decoded_token = jwt.decode(token, JWT_SECRET, algorithms=[JWT_ALGORITHM], audience=EXPECTED_AUDIENCE)

            # Continue if the token is valid
            chat_session_id = request.GET.get('chat_session_id')
            if not chat_session_id:
                return JsonResponse({'error': 'Missing chat session ID'}, status=400)
            if not is_valid_numeric_id(chat_session_id):
                return JsonResponse({'error': 'Invalid chat_session_id format'}, status=400)
            # Fetch messages for the specified chat session ID
            url = f'{os.getenv("SUPABASE_URL")}/rest/v1/decrypted_messages?chat_session_id=eq.{chat_session_id}&select=id,decrypted_message,user_id,sender_type'
            headers = {
                'Authorization': f'Bearer {token}',  
                'apikey': os.getenv("SUPABASE_KEY")
            response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)

            if response.status_code == 200:
                messages = response.json()
                if not isinstance(messages, list) or not all(isinstance(msg, dict) for msg in messages):
                    return JsonResponse({'error': 'Unexpected data format'}, status=500)
                required_keys = {'id', 'decrypted_message', 'user_id', 'sender_type'}
                if not all(required_keys.issubset(msg.keys()) for msg in messages):
                    return JsonResponse({'error': 'Missing required message fields'}, status=500)
                validated_messages = filter(is_valid_message, messages)
                formatted_messages = [
                        'id': msg['id'],
                        'text': msg['decrypted_message'],  # Use decrypted_message here
                        'user_id': msg['user_id'],
                        'sender_type': msg['sender_type']
                    for msg in messages
                return JsonResponse({'messages': formatted_messages})
                return JsonResponse({'error': 'Failed to fetch messages'}, status=response.status_code)

        except jwt.ExpiredSignatureError:
            return JsonResponse({'error': 'JWT Token expired'}, status=401)
        except jwt.InvalidAudienceError:
            return JsonResponse({'error': 'Invalid audience in JWT Token'}, status=401)
        except jwt.InvalidTokenError:
            return JsonResponse({'error': 'Invalid JWT Token'}, status=401)
        except Exception as e:
            return JsonResponse({'error': str(e)}, status=500)
        return JsonResponse({'error': 'Invalid request method'}, status=405)
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