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graph TD;
    A[Start] --> B(Tap Home Button);
    B --> C(Tap Sample ID Button);
    C --> D[Scan Clinitrol 290 Label];
    D --> E[Run Clinitrol 290 Sample];
    E --> F(Tap Sample ID Button);
    F --> G[Scan Plasma/Urine IQC Label];
    G --> H[Run IQC - Two Levels];
    H --> I(Tap Home Button);
    I --> J(Tap Sample ID Button);
    J --> K[Enter/Scan Sample Label];
    K --> L[Place Sampling Tip];
    L --> M[Acquire Sample];
    M --> N[Remove Excess Sample];
    N --> O[Insert Tip into Sample Port];
    O --> P[Start Test];
    P --> Q[Wait for Test to Complete];
    Q --> R[Display Test Results];
    R --> S(Print Results and Store in Database);
    S --> T(Withdraw Cradle and Remove Sampler);
    T --> U[Discard Sampler Tip];
    U --> V[Clean Plunger Tip];
    V --> W[Clean Sample Port with Chamber Cleaner];
    W --> X(Leave Cleaner in Sample Port);
    X --> Y(End Cleaning Process);
    Y --> Z{Need Calibration?};
    Z --> |Yes| AA(Tap Menu Icon);
    AA --> AB(Tap Calibration);
    AB --> AC[Follow On-screen Instructions];
    AC --> AD{Calibration Successful?};
    AD --> |Yes| AE(Display Success Message);
    AD --> |No| AF(Display Failure Reason);
    AE --> AF;
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