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a year ago
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I've found a vulnerability and I think it can cause 502 error.
usually this error signals some kind of problem on the hosting.
But in our case, this is data overload and, as a result, the hosting cannot cope with processing
I will show it. dont worry I will reproduce it just on staging server.
Lets open search the DSR page and write any popular letter. Let it be 'a' letter.
Okey. Let's press filter button. 
And as u can see site is completely down.
I don't know how many places like that in the project.
I need to investigate this issue to fix it.

i think we need to update the ruby version a bit.
This will allow us to work with project on apple products.
it will also speed up the development and supporting
I don't think that a minimal ruby update will cause any problems.
 //But it will allow us to support the site on macs. I am not always near the main computer.
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 But regarding the interface, I can suggest adding pagination to the end of the page. Pagination this panel with page numbers
This should solve the problem as the data will be evenly distributed across the pages.
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