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import { Helmet } from 'react-helmet-async';
// @mui
import { Grid, Button, Container, Stack, Typography, Input , Form, TextField} from '@mui/material';
// components
import Iconify from '../components/iconify';

const PROMPTS=[
  {"Personal Information":
  "Full name?",
  "Email address?",
  "Phone number?",
  "Mailing address?",
  "Professional website/portfolio URL?",
  "Highest level of education?",
  "Institution name?",
  "Major/field of study?",
  "Notable academic achievements/projects?",
"Professional Affiliations":
"Member of any professional organizations/associations?",
"Held leadership roles within these organizations?",
"Contributions to industry publications/conferences?",
"Contact information for professional references?",
"Individuals who can speak to your skills and work ethic?",
  "Professional Summary or Objective":
  "Describe your professional background and expertise briefly.",
  "What are your career objectives?",
  "Work Experience":
  "Current/most recent job title?",
  "Current/past employer names?",
  "Key responsibilities and achievements?",
  "Total years of work experience?",
  "Key technical skills?",
  "Proficient software tools/programming languages?",
  "Relevant soft or transferable skills?",
  "Fluency in foreign languages?",
  "Describe significant projects you've worked on.",
  "Your role in those projects?",
  "Objectives and outcomes?",
  "Recognitions or awards received?",
  "Achievements and Awards":
  "Any professional awards or honors received?",
  "Recognitions for outstanding performance?",
  "Participation in competitions or contests?",

const handleClick = (e) => {
  const i=e.currentTarget.getAttribute("data")
  const input=document.getElementById(i).value;
  const outputfield=document.getElementById(`R${i}`)
  const output="ah"

export default function PromptPage() {
  return (
        <title> Dashboard: Answer prompts | Minimal UI </title>
      {PROMPTS.map((prompt) => (
        <Grid item xs={12} sm={6} md={3}>
          {/* this is how you comment apparently */}

          <Typography variant="h3">{prompt}</Typography>

          <Stack direction="row" alignItems="center" justifyContent="space-between" mb={5}>
            <TextField margin="" size="Big" id={PROMPTS.indexOf(prompt).toString()} fullWidth>Input</TextField>
            <Button variant="contained" data={PROMPTS.indexOf(prompt).toString()} onClick={handleClick} startIcon={<Iconify icon="eva:plus-fill" />}>
        <Stack direction="column">
          <Typography id={`R${PROMPTS.indexOf(prompt).toString()}`}>Generated Bullet points:</Typography>