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Other unique ideas

In the browser, you can copy an image directly(very long left, remember a next wheel will introduce a left click and this let invert the middle button status with the click only, until the wheel cancels, the next clicks are changed, this can select all the code though several boxes(sometimes only visible with DCPF), and all the other content inside,around or not visible around inside or on the screen/page), or download it instantly, with control + shift + left click, it can be half size with the Chrome downloader, but if you copy it in the system clipboard, it is full size, plus if you use the clipboard managerp provided and recommanded, the full size is garanted even in a different format, Windows introduce new formats but there is compression and data limits, as well for the copy operation, on some data types, tghe clipboard manager cannot choose or garant the data integrity if both of text and images are selectedin the same time, its configuration propose to choose between the texts over images or versa, this is better to keep the information, as this is normally possible to copy only the text when you try both at the same time.

Access the next app by using the traditionnal alttab(reusable with the modifier(s) and the wheel), the next click will choose the same window but there will be a keys switcher that is not possible with control and shift with the key capslock(tab is remapped as the key under is more reachable and the key upper occuped), this switch not all the tabs(right button with the wheel by default on not configured app change the wheel speed or do not hover the window with the cursor) but rather the tab history or other modifier keys variation with the original tab key, if you want override, change variation of the keys with the rbutton and the wheel, use the configuration file made for this.

+Restore the last closed application of the system, since close a tab is like close a window, almost in recent Windows versions you care able to use the control and f5 or f4 to close a window like a tab, maybe not the last, you don't have to release the left click, the right click is protected against any modifier like shift and w etc, control + shift + w not, this isn't part of the window logger, partially activable(for keep privacy on, about the titles of Windows), this is accessible via all the modifiers and the wheel, except alt alone for click, wheel or interact as normaly.

Return to the last used tab with the left, right then middle mouse buttons, bound in this order only, do not release the left until the wheel occured.

The medias keys are designed to be used to save/return to the window/pause the window and set it to the background of other apps, note this doesnot already works with different window and different tabs, the tab must reside in the same window and selected, if the mouse is in during the recording the position will be not the middle of the page width(and y = + 2) but the mouse coordinates, example with the famous IDE SublimeText(save/do not save/cancel), note with this software the tab close itself if empty, notepad supported and a configuration file as usual, remark: all the functionnalitites to replace the mouse position when closing a file is completely something else, if you position the mouse inside a window from the outside you can choose more actions or mouse position in the current window, this is also possible with the right click, change the mouse coordinates by domain is possible when you enter on a webside and you are unsure what start position could fail the middle click status, a link, an image, an empty area, a javascript(Discord...) code or other ideas.

This is a very little list of ideas took randomly that does not include, the clipboard entres merge operation on the fly or browsers keywords, neither other project FTM.