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import chainlit as cl

# Define a function to handle user input and dynamically create buttons
async def handle_user_input(user_input):
    # This is a placeholder for dynamic content generation logic
    # For demonstration, let's assume the response contains a list of options
    options = ["Dynamic Option 1", "Dynamic Option 2", "Dynamic Option 3"]
    response_text = f"You said: {user_input}. Here are some options:"
    return response_text, options

# Define the Chainlit app
async def main(message: cl.Message):
    # Get user input from the message
    user_input = message.content

    # Get the response text and dynamic options
    response_text, options = await handle_user_input(user_input)
    # Create buttons for the dynamic options
    buttons = [cl.Button(name=option, value=option) for option in options]
    # Send the message with buttons to the user
    await cl.Message(content=response_text, buttons=buttons).send()

# Handle button clicks
async def on_button_click(button: cl.Button):
    user_choice = button.value
    # Process the user's choice (for now, just echo back the choice)
    response = f"You chose: {user_choice}"
    # Send the response back to the user
    await cl.Message(content=response).send()

# Run the Chainlit app
if __name__ == "__main__":
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