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FoamShrimp — 09/08/2023 21:38
yo, is there a video or text guide for setting up demonic gorilla alt tank?
invent is a bit cramped on uim and need another zenyte
Andy — 09/08/2023 21:38
i just kinda figured it out myself, can vaguely write what I did but dunno if its meta or anything
FoamShrimp — 09/08/2023 21:39
i've seen the odd person doing by the waterfall, but i lurked drops and saw you were in a different spot
Andy — 09/08/2023 21:39
yeah i started there but it was a faff and they'd get trapped and stuff, was annoying
so i just ended up in the open area, if you stand in the right place on tank its no different anyway
just much more freedom for alt killing htem
FoamShrimp — 09/08/2023 21:40
okay, do i need to spend 10mins there to lose aggro on the acc killing them?
or is there a way to force aggro on the alt
that's the main thing i'm unsure on
Andy — 09/08/2023 21:40
kinda, what I did was get both chars to a semi safespot, log out on hc, get all aggro on main (but safespot/los)
and then you can clear up the room and just handle them as they spawn one at a time
as long as tank is closer to the monkey when it picks aggro it'll always keep it
so just keep the killer on the far side and you're fine
can show quick if you want where I used
FoamShrimp — 09/08/2023 21:41
ah fair, then after 10mins i suppose it's fine, just resetting aggro on tank when needed?
Andy — 09/08/2023 21:42
yeah after 10mins its super relaxed, never once pulled aggro
just gotta be aware that if the monkey cant reach tank, after 3-4 hits he will swap to attacker
but easy enough to get used to
FoamShrimp — 09/08/2023 21:43
i'll give it a whirl when i've sorted the invent + bag out
also, i have to know, did ranarrs just join the call and instantly start streaming before saying hi?
Andy — 09/08/2023 21:44
just running up can send a picture of where i safespotted
haha idk i joined late but rubs and chuck were very much ignoring him
FoamShrimp — 09/08/2023 21:44
Andy — 09/08/2023 21:44
"guys can you give feedback" and they just carried on talking about duke
this is past waterfall, but as you can see im basically safe, would log here
grab aggro on tank of all, and then you can 1 by 1 lure them into corridor
and alt just stays here and hits them
then can just pull individually, 3 spawn in that big room theyre in, the others just got dragged from running in
the aggro reset square thing covers that entire room so once alt is safe, he can go anywhere
FoamShrimp — 09/08/2023 21:46
that looks way more chill than the waterfall near entrance
Andy — 09/08/2023 21:47
gl, shout if any questions can always do your first aggro reset so you can see
FoamShrimp — 09/08/2023 21:47
got a ring of suffering to get to clear out 3 bag slots
Andy — 09/08/2023 21:47
but yeah its just kinda easy once sorted
nice, glgl
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