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// Define pin numbers
const int switchPin1 = 2; //The pin number for the 1st switch
const int switchPin2 = 3; // The pin number for the 2nd switch
const int ledPin1 = 4; // The pin number for the 1st LED
const int ledPin2 = 5; // The pin  number for the 2nd LED

void setup() {
  // Initialize the LED pins as output
  pinMode(ledPin1, OUTPUT); //Set the 1st LED pin is output
  pinMode(ledPin2, OUTPUT); //Set the 2nd LED pin is output
  // Initialize the switch pins as input
  pinMode(switchPin1, INPUT); //Set the 1st switch pin is input
  pinMode(switchPin2, INPUT); //Set the 2nd switch pin is input

void loop() {
  // Read the state of the switches
  int switchState1 = digitalRead(switchPin1);
  int switchState2 = digitalRead(switchPin2);

  // Implement the logic for the LEDs using bitwise operations
  digitalWrite(ledPin1, switchState1 & ~switchState2);
  digitalWrite(ledPin2, ~switchState1 | switchState2);
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