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[01:36:09] [ServerMain/INFO]: Environment: authHost='https://authserver.mojang.com', accountsHost='https://api.mojang.com', sessionHost='https://sessionserver.mojang.com', servicesHost='https://api.minecraftservices.com', name='PROD'
[01:36:14] [ServerMain/INFO]: Loaded 7 recipes
[01:36:17] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting minecraft server version 1.19.4
[01:36:17] [Server thread/INFO]: Loading properties
[01:36:17] [Server thread/INFO]: This server is running Paper version git-Paper-540 (MC: 1.19.4) (Implementing API version 1.19.4-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: f9f9079)
[01:36:18] [Server thread/INFO]: Server Ping Player Sample Count: 12
[01:36:18] [Server thread/INFO]: Using 4 threads for Netty based IO
[01:36:18] [Server thread/WARN]: [!] The timings profiler has been enabled but has been scheduled for removal from Paper in the future.
    We recommend installing the spark profiler as a replacement: https://spark.lucko.me/
    For more information please visit: https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/issues/8948
[01:36:18] [Server thread/INFO]: [ChunkTaskScheduler] Chunk system is using 1 I/O threads, 1 worker threads, and gen parallelism of 1 threads
[01:36:19] [Server thread/INFO]: Default game type: SURVIVAL
[01:36:19] [Server thread/INFO]: Generating keypair
[01:36:19] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting Minecraft server on
[01:36:19] [Server thread/INFO]: Using epoll channel type
[01:36:19] [Server thread/INFO]: Paper: Using libdeflate (Linux x86_64) compression from Velocity.
[01:36:19] [Server thread/INFO]: Paper: Using OpenSSL 1.1.x (Linux x86_64) cipher from Velocity.
[01:36:22] [Server thread/INFO]: [ViaVersion] Loading server plugin ViaVersion v4.7.0
[01:36:22] [Server thread/INFO]: [ViaVersion] ViaVersion 4.7.0 is now loaded. Registering protocol transformers and injecting...
[01:36:24] [Via-Mappingloader-0/INFO]: [ViaVersion] Loading block connection mappings ...
[01:36:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Loading server plugin PlaceholderAPI v2.11.3
[01:36:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [floodgate] Loading server plugin floodgate v2.2.2-SNAPSHOT (b??-2702bc3)
[01:36:25] [Via-Mappingloader-0/INFO]: [ViaVersion] Using FastUtil Long2ObjectOpenHashMap for block connections
[01:36:26] [Server thread/WARN]: [floodgate] en_ is not a supported Floodgate language.
[01:36:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [floodgate] Took 1,816ms to boot Floodgate
[01:36:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [LuckPerms] Loading server plugin LuckPerms v5.4.102
[01:36:27] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] Loading server plugin DeluxeHub v3.5.4
[01:36:27] [Server thread/INFO]: [TAB] Loading server plugin TAB v4.0.3
[01:36:27] [Server thread/INFO]: [BungeeGuard] Loading server plugin BungeeGuard v1.3-SNAPSHOT
[01:36:27] [Server thread/INFO]: [SuperVanish] Loading server plugin SuperVanish v6.2.18
[01:36:27] [Server thread/INFO]: Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it
[01:36:27] [Server thread/INFO]: [LuckPerms] Enabling LuckPerms v5.4.102
[01:36:29] [Server thread/INFO]:         __    
[01:36:29] [Server thread/INFO]:   |    |__)   LuckPerms v5.4.102
[01:36:29] [Server thread/INFO]:   |___ |      Running on Bukkit - Paper
[01:36:29] [Server thread/INFO]: 
[01:36:29] [Server thread/INFO]: [LuckPerms] Loading configuration...
[01:36:29] [Server thread/INFO]: [LuckPerms] Loading storage provider... [MYSQL]
[01:36:30] [Server thread/INFO]: [me.lucko.luckperms.lib.hikari.HikariDataSource] luckperms-hikari - Starting...
[01:36:30] [Server thread/INFO]: [me.lucko.luckperms.lib.hikari.HikariDataSource] luckperms-hikari - Start completed.
[01:36:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [LuckPerms] Loading messaging service... [SQL]
[01:36:34] [Server thread/INFO]: [LuckPerms] Loading internal permission managers...
[01:36:34] [Server thread/INFO]: [LuckPerms] Performing initial data load...
[01:36:36] [Server thread/INFO]: [LuckPerms] Successfully enabled. (took 9007ms)
[01:36:36] [Server thread/INFO]: [BungeeGuard] Enabling BungeeGuard v1.3-SNAPSHOT
[01:36:36] [Server thread/INFO]: [BungeeGuard] Using Paper's PlayerHandshakeEvent to listen for connections.
[01:36:36] [Server thread/WARN]: The server will make no attempt to authenticate usernames. Beware.
[01:36:36] [Server thread/WARN]: Whilst this makes it possible to use BungeeCord, unless access to your server is properly restricted, it also opens up the ability for hackers to connect with any username they choose.
[01:36:36] [Server thread/WARN]: Please see http://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/firewall-guide/ for further information.
[01:36:36] [Server thread/WARN]: To change this, set "online-mode" to "true" in the server.properties file.
[01:36:36] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing level "world"
[01:36:40] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing start region for dimension minecraft:overworld
[01:36:41] [Server thread/INFO]: Time elapsed: 977 ms
[01:36:41] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing start region for dimension minecraft:the_nether
[01:36:42] [Server thread/INFO]: Time elapsed: 607 ms
[01:36:42] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing start region for dimension minecraft:the_end
[01:36:42] [Server thread/INFO]: Time elapsed: 329 ms
[01:36:42] [Server thread/INFO]: [ViaVersion] Enabling ViaVersion v4.7.0
[01:36:42] [Server thread/INFO]: [ViaVersion] ViaVersion detected server version: 1.19.4 (762)
[01:36:43] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Enabling PlaceholderAPI v2.11.3
[01:36:44] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Fetching available expansion information...
[01:36:44] [Server thread/INFO]: [floodgate] Enabling floodgate v2.2.2-SNAPSHOT (b??-2702bc3)
[01:36:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] Enabling DeluxeHub v3.5.4
[01:36:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub]  _   _            _          _    _ 
[01:36:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] | \ |_ |  | | \/ |_ |_| | | |_)   _)
[01:36:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] |_/ |_ |_ |_| /\ |_ | | |_| |_)   _)
[01:36:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] 
[01:36:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] Version: 3.5.4
[01:36:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] Author: ItsLewizzz
[01:36:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] 
[01:36:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub]  Hooked into PlaceholderAPI
[01:36:46] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] Loaded custom menu 'serverselector'.
[01:36:47] [Server thread/INFO]: [NBTAPI] [NBTAPI] Found Spigot: v1_19_R3! Trying to find NMS support
[01:36:47] [Server thread/INFO]: [NBTAPI] [NBTAPI] NMS support 'MC1_19_R3' loaded!
[01:36:47] [Server thread/INFO]: [NBTAPI] [NBTAPI] Found Gson: class com.google.gson.Gson
[01:36:47] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] Loaded 12 plugin modules.
[01:36:47] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] 
[01:36:47] [Server thread/INFO]: [DeluxeHub] Successfully loaded in 1886ms
[01:36:47] [Server thread/INFO]: [TAB] Enabling TAB v4.0.3
[01:36:47] [Server thread/INFO]: [TAB] Server version: 1.19.4 (v1_19_R3)
[01:36:48] [Server thread/INFO]: [TAB] Loaded NMS hook in 375ms
[01:36:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: tab [4.0.3]
[01:36:50] [Server thread/INFO]: [TAB] Enabled in 1800ms
[01:36:50] [Server thread/INFO]: [SuperVanish] Enabling SuperVanish v6.2.18
[01:36:50] [Server thread/INFO]: [SuperVanish] Please install ProtocolLib to be able to use all SuperVanish features: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/protocollib.1997/
[01:36:50] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: supervanish [6.2.18]
[01:36:50] [Server thread/INFO]: [SuperVanish] Hooked into PlaceholderAPI
[01:36:51] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Placeholder expansion registration initializing...
[01:36:51] [Server thread/INFO]: Running delayed init tasks
[01:36:51] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 5 - ViaVersion/INFO]: [ViaVersion] Finished mapping loading, shutting down loader executor!
[01:36:51] [Server thread/INFO]: Done (34.419s)! For help, type "help"
[01:36:51] [Server thread/INFO]: Timings Reset
[01:36:51] [Server thread/WARN]: [PlaceholderAPI] Cannot load expansion playertime due to a missing plugin: PlayerTime
[01:36:51] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: luckperms [5.4-R2]
[01:36:52] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: playerlist [3.0.3]
[01:36:52] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: player [2.0.5]
[01:36:52] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] Successfully registered expansion: pinger [1.0.1]
[01:36:52] [Server thread/WARN]: [PlaceholderAPI] Cannot load expansion playerstats due to a missing plugin: PlayerStats
[01:36:52] [Server thread/INFO]: 4 placeholder hook(s) registered! 2 placeholder hook(s) have an update available.
[01:36:52] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] An update for PlaceholderAPI (v2.11.5) is available at:
[01:36:52] [Server thread/INFO]: [PlaceholderAPI] https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/placeholderapi.6245/
[01:36:52] [Server thread/WARN]: [ViaVersion] There is a newer plugin version available: 4.8.1, you're on: 4.7.0
[01:42:06] [Netty Epoll Server IO #2/WARN]: [BungeeGuard] Denying connection from - 95b646ab-1d1c-4dbb-98fc-baa752362b0c @ NzUuMTk5LjExMy4xMTM= - reason: NO_TOKEN
[01:42:06] [Server thread/INFO]: / lost connection: Unable to authenticate.
[01:47:38] [Netty Epoll Server IO #3/WARN]: [BungeeGuard] Denying connection from - 95b646ab-1d1c-4dbb-98fc-baa752362b0c @ NzUuMTk5LjExMy4xMTM= - reason: NO_TOKEN
[01:47:38] [Server thread/INFO]: / lost connection: Unable to authenticate.