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a month ago
851 B
C        G     Am      F
I walked alone down empty streets,
C          G       Am      F
A heavy heart and tear-stained sheets.
C          G      Am      F
The sun sets low, the shadows grow,
C         G      Am       F
A symphony of pain, a life in woe.

C            G
Oh, the tears I've cried,
Am                F
A love that faded, a dream that died.
C              G
In the silence of the night,
Am               F
I search for hope, a glimmer of light.

C        G     Am       F
Memories haunt, a ghostly trace,
C       G     Am       F
A bittersweet smile on my face.
C        G     Am       F
The echoes of love, now far away,
C          G     Am       F
In this lonely heart, they'll always stay.

C            G
Oh, the nights are cold,
Am              F
A story of love, forever untold.
C              G