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What's going on everybody I'm Rambo and welcome to echoes of new eating the only eve echoes podcast with news and current events I'll hit some game news talk a little bit about the escalation update. Big news this week is pantheon is no more I had a chat with T. kini cult and run from no please stop we discussed the war in the future for content. They will get into the game news here so just today actually I'm just ahead shared the latest escalation trailer so that is available on YouTube you can check that out now link is in the announcements page there as for patch notes. Last week they just had a couple optimizations and some bug fixes nothing too big but this next week so this Wednesday we should be getting a big update of course November 3 is when capitals will be showing up as far as official media goes nothing too crazy. We had some Halloween photos but that's about it nothing new in player support news what that wraps it up for game news so we'll get into this escalation update. So a few days ago on the eve echoes website they did post the escalation update as to what features are what are some of the things that we're gonna be seeing implemented into this. Mmhm captain Ben Z. had a 17 to 18 minute video regarding discussing all the stuff that's that was on the screen. I'm so they're just talking about capital ships on with this update 8 capital ships will be making their debut capital ships that's dreadnoughts and carriers are currently the highest tonnage ships available to pilots in new Eden we got the dreadnoughts and the carriers are you most likely have tried them out already on the faction warfare if you haven't then the. Good luck getting them because they're going to be expensive but dreadnoughts they do not. Is that strong fire power by default their DPS greatly increases after their exclusive showdown mode which grants them unrivalled fire power throughout new Eden apart from boosting the dreadnoughts DPS showdown mode also brings bonuses to many other aspects such as repairs however showdown mode is not without disadvantages it dramatically reduces the dreadnoughts velocity as well as preventing it from warping the knowing when to activation down mode is what makes it good dreadnaught pilot. And so they talked about the carriers as well so the carriers attack using their onboard fighters fighters are devastating against regular ships space superiority fighters are highly effective against drones frigates and destroyers. Light fighters are best use against cruisers battlecruisers and battleships to add to their. At against regular ships carriers are also quick to the network sensor mode which can increase their scan resolution significantly this update brings carriers from each of the 4 empires namely the archon teach America than it does in the NIT harder. So the capital ship tonnage restrictions capital ships cannot enter high sec regions regardless of the means nor can they dock at cap sillier outposts or be transported using delivery service the maximum insurance coverage for capital ship is 20 percent of the estimated value we're used to the 70 percent right now on the insurance value of regular ships capitals are going to be only 20 percent so you're paying 80 percent out of out of pocket. Capital modules this update will introduce a range of capital ship modules turrets missile launchers white space superiority fighters light attack fighters field re Chargers armor repairs shield extenders armor plates batteries afterburners biker drives X. cetera these are all capital. Components. As for capital ship ratings there are weapon upgrades and defense up Craig's propulsion upgrades engineering upgrades to fighter upgrades. Skills corresponding to the capital modules will also be introduced please note that most types of capital modules and rings cannot be fitted to regular ships and vice versa so we have these I'm sorry if I butcher it Sino Cerro jumps sensor field generator this is a new high slot module that could only be faded when you have the required bonus using using this module consumes a lot of fuel upon activation. The player will become a beacon that can be searched by other pilots in the same fleet ships fitted with a jump drive when requirements are met the ships can jump directly into the location of the beacon. All this is gonna be some freaky stuff coming in. A signer is Sir beacon tower Samus are a beacon tower is a corporation add on structure it generates a beacon that is visible throughout the corporation though this add on structure. Ships fitted with a jump drive can quickly return from other systems to areas near the structure. And they also have the silencer jammer tower the jammer tower is a corporation adamant structure upon activation all pilots in the same system will be unable to activate sadness sorrow filled generators the silencer old jammer tower doesn't affect the function of the sinister of beacon tower in the same corporation. Yeah we got to be tried in some of these things out because those aren't even that doesn't make sense maybe it does I just can't think right now. Capital ship rally point capital ship rally point is a type of cosmic anomaly only know 6 systems that have been anchored pirate detection array Spon this type of cosmic anomaly capital ship rally point contained payroll contains pirate capital ships when destroyed higher capital ships will drop capital modules and capital ship breeze so the conclusion to all this is before releasing the update the the capital update we received a lot of feedback from the players regarding controls and game balance the feedback was a great help. And providing valuable reference points for development and fine tuning of capital ships we hope that the players will continue to support us after the release of capital ships we will continue to listen to your feedback and as always aim to improve your gaming experience so that was a write off their website. For the November 3 escalation update overview. Overall it's going to be. Right exciting exciting indeed in case you haven't heard the news recently it's been all over reddit and all over discords and you've been seen the memes and what not and official statement went out from mackenzie I believe and she stated that pantheon is no more so seems like a lot of corporations had split off or a sub alliances within pantheon have split apart and basically are doing their own thing some corporations left some corporations merged into other alliances understandably yen fed god some and the stock got some admin and others just seem to be on I'm still deciding maybe as to what they're going to do whether or not they're going to stay in their space or if they're going to join a different entity. So that's the biggest news in a in the past couple days there have been major contributors of pantheons putting off and so that happened yesterday October 31 as far as when war efforts go it seems like there's still a lot of people with red status to S. H. H. and known vice versa so it. Want to say that there's still a lot of fighting going on but a lot of people have dropped their standings and it backed out of the war so in the coming weeks we'll see what all happens if this all winds down or if it heats back up again and then goes into full structural warfare we just have to wait and see so until then I did have a talk with cults and taking any and run from P. E. W. we discussed their entrance into the war that's no please stop going to war or at least having beef with pantheon prior to the war declaration by S. H. H. so when S. H. H. joined into that that's when it really went down insydo starting getting popped so never me blabbing let's get into it. Hi I'm run from T. I. records from rex guy and I'm taking a knee from Q. welcome to echoes of Newton. Welcome to echoes of defeat and what's up guys how you doing. Thanks for having us yes to be. Yeah and thank you for joining in so teeny it's been a while Mann how's it going. Yeah it's been a couple of months at least you know all's good and we're talking about that and it's like it's been since may since the last time you were on the show and was like well it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I mean months. Time flies time slot it's time flies I've been watching your episodes though since then so a great show your honor to be here thank you and so you had brought some company as well we have run and cults with us as well so what's up guys. Great. Can I introduce cult a cult is actually a quote unquote the leader in no he started the alliance as the executor and then handed it to me for a period when he was away and it basically bounce the executor back and forth between me and him we we jointly run no I do March they're seeing it he does more of the political stuff and strategizing I can also introduce rotten for those that don't know him he's a CEO of another court but also in Q. which is a strange thing I know but he's one of the most dependable pilots we've had in Q.. What I would consider him a right hand person we can't really run stuff without running he's our larger brokerage large Acker usually runs a bunch of different programs the alliance so you're saying he's a running the airline and the alliance and then people are running from him that's why I have gotten a name that's not the name was intended with and that way I made sense in a friendly run it's not enough. Yes. Yes one away,. Yes well I wanted to get you guys on board and you know talk about the recent events that has been going on so everybody knows about this war with pantheon and isn't new Eden wide X. seemed but this goes back even further than 30 or so days ago so you guys. Been at war with pantheon for a couple months now is it. Well let's circle tour around I'm sure the sword there's this cars so more early I think we start this war I'll end the call for civilians died we start planning we start thinking what we were doing and how we can manage it because what we have but a small alliance and bundled it ready picked out and also bundle have a very strong call this like a caged mention and Guinness. There is definitely a lot of planning involved yep I don't think we officially declared war. To later what what I remember happening was there was a fire side where they were they were talking about going to the north burning no solves that which wasn't on official war declaration but it was we unofficially were fighting each other from that time and run yes you'd like to comment go ahead. Yeah sure I'm just to provide some context around that. So basically what we've always been a Americanization I would say contracts against everyone and when you're ready without you know. Anyone that wants to put a contract out we took it on so. For the last 6 months or so we started seeing the no contracts Ford from pantheon I mean I think they had a. I see an agenda against us to base a no contract us and the people did contract that's one part of him we're a bit you know. You could say we're trying to do it in under the table well hidden so there's there's definite gender from pension to try and you know. The P. R. income source which is perfectly reasonable. I am so sorry what happened that you know we had a couple events like so we'll just need side sponsons signed contracts which we have it's about very well understandably. And and then one day coffin obviously decided suits and the places that are without really letting everyone and I will note and it's it cold is a bit by surprise and I mean that as the first US to throw dropped when please stop we basically have the majority of new media and US. You're ready to fight us right you have to take into account the need to stop you got a lot of very dedicated pilots very active I'm very proficient in what we do that's a winner even also alliance right save about 500 members 600 members I'm special I'm outside would be about that size with grown modestly but not to significantly. I'm I'm about time we had of silly you know. Pantheon against us CJHL time against us genesis against this country to against us everything is our common chances are about 8000 members talking about 86000 S. H. H. 40 around 5000 and we we stood there as a 500 Madeline's right and so obviously you know they form the good condition of the time and they they successfully the story about to throw and for us that you know I'm off to send statements by NBC 5 sides by the leader of punching I would choose some banana. You know we took as a personal concern in a bad sense it's it's part of the mechanics of the game you drop so if you get that destroyed the whole the whole the map basically turns against you and that's that's fine but of course from there the plan started to see you know we're gonna have to hold some rules I mean we don't personally touched so in any way but you know we want something I want to place it serves as a statement as a generative content so so from there I think we are our plans which for about 6 months ago started to focus on you know continents led the way in some of the structural sentry guns and I think we we can get some content back on on this side and that's enough and I think that's how it started really. So yeah you'd you'd said that you know the pantheon leader was not making threats but he would say in you know. No we'll never have saw it did that kind of spark of. Or of a feud more of a goal to go horse of course of course of course he was declaring stuff and then they quote unquote invaded us like 3 times but we didn't see too much of an invasion that came with the couple fleets we push them back it wasn't a serious invasion I guess but yes of course that will that'll push any group M. A. margin any group that tries to dictate to another group does in the game will have similar consequences yeah it's not it's not cool so I think in some but I was always a very charismatic leader I have to admit that my hat to that guy. He was very charismatic but yeah definition of attacked us that's for sure. About how long were you attacking or at least deploying into pantheon space up until. Before S. H. H. got involved what we're very nomadic sore usually between contracts we go to where ever there's traffic the most traffic so that used to be and real. For awhile when Golden Horde was there we were chilling around and rail then we'd go to EAF create when Christmas was doing pretty good and we were deployed to net as well so we have been around like they see us poking in and out between contracts but very seriously I would say. A month before 2 months maybe I think the months and months and 2 months but we weren't we weren't hitting their structure so much per se it was more like roaming. Testing some doctrine stuff we have to test our kite fleet against them. Which took a lot of planning trying to figure out how to break their 300 men blob was not easy at all I can tell you that. But we managed it we pulled it off so how did S. H. H. you get involved with this war against pantheon. I think it's. I'm talking to is as they say you guys to look and the Wednesday starts but I can get fat let's start when they finish up I think FF affect us. I'm thrilled to help and well done leadership spaces they will help FF all the equipment broke loose this visa no sh and when this happened the one that broke loose this was saying sorry guys we can count the help you'll you'll drop lysis and the names and date FF is dying and after a terrific with bank and start the soaking trees that are. Silent the new ships them that I'm a start explaining use the report and target because when capital stops. We will not start backing Jan fifth bond film and catch 22 if we don't speeds that they will have so much power in this game and these can be locked breakable. In future and that I think in some books that are P. GP already important have a different the different scientists so any conflict if you have bio one which marked the baller floodlights. In the in the little sex eats. Mmhm you ski but it's gonna be broke broke about it's getting and keeping all the game because the no reason yeah boring kind no reason to wait and when I start looking great so 7 predictions they say yes it's makes sense but you can be very difficult. No up and I don't know I think silent have a. The priest but you can reach clay green because when we started I can bundle footballer silent old sold very quickly because the skins first fight we were surprised when they deployed we caught us off guard we were very happy but also surprised so they came to that decision on their own so and we're very happy that they did so I think they they figured they could do it and they went for it which is issue as called says a huge risk. Because if they lost they would lose a lot more than we would lose N. S. H. H. is just coming off the win of the war against fire flies and so they had some momentum coming up to that and you know they say. This could go well or this could go bad they were very optimistic and I mean as a church leader leadership they're optimistic as to fighting a bigger entity such as pantheon knowing that pantheon in genesis in catch 22 are basically one being at that time is like if you fight if you mess with one you minds will mess with all 3 so interestingly enough we were we were on the left side you're not fully I mean when they would hire us but we had our skirmishes against research it's been awesome actually I think most of this is because agreeing that we we enjoy fighting you guys you guys fighting us right and good yeah this is a good fights all around so when S. H. H. join the war and declared war on pantheon. What. What did that tell you guys as no please stop lights what did what did that look like through your guises eyes. It made the whole thing more managed more achievable in my mind. Well say it straight up that we would not have been able to beat them. By ourselves. Okay Sir yeah we would not have been it been possible so because of SSH F. season they're quick ability to switch to kite fleet so beautifully and so quickly and and their pilots and just superior fighting fighting guys basically we beat them through that we would have been able to do it on our own I don't know not what this is it's been able to do it by themselves maybe I think if they took policy on on their own yes but combined the blob was very large. At its peak remember to speak it was 800 pilots and K. 4 women are some right right 700 loser on the S.. That's a lot so let's. So what are some of the big highlights that changed the morale during this time of and I say morale is a good or bad the horse. They're called growing up I I can say about some specific battles but if there's any other stuff you guys want to add the wrist to my mind there's 9 G. N. S. Y. R. NJ honk so though those 2 bottles and feeling came in very heavy like 130 battleships or something something crazy and we were not that heavy and we won through just we fought for like 4:00 hours or 5:00 hours. We want to just cheer will like everyone's fuel is running out I was I was my spies were telling me pantheon lodges don't have fuel they're like they're running out and we just persisted in just we're running out of drones and it was it was 1 of the most insane battles I've ever seen I think Matty has a video of it but we that 1 was was epic I mean yeah I think even there FC's were like whoa you know blew them away they do not exactly the most interesting some of the most important 1 and 9 G. N. S. was pretty much the same type of thing yeah it's a kind of a blur to me now because there's been so many battles but those 2 were I was shocked and they were shocked everyone both sides were like okay well I was insane as of echo yeah it was about 4 or 5:00 hours of just really really intense constant a constant boats on the end of it thing is I think what made both of these fights as epic as they as they did is because actually what we had on with versus what they had in weird we were very heavily outnumbered so. At the end of it we were heavy on the phone but I don't remember what the initial numbers well but we are not met in both of those fights significantly and I'm like I think I why aren't J. B. M. V. like the final numbers were like 20 battleships on our side and I would say over 50 or 60 I mean we've got the screenshot someone armed police videos are on that but it was just it was fights where olds were against us I'm an IBM through as saying so through will power and just you know being very strategic on how we. I believe that my mobility yeah. And I'm being very strategic about how will you know. Our while to heating Colton yes it's a treat you know how they how they manage to the great you know it was successful but it was intense and it was it was a local orgs against us and I think those 2 you know it was guys you know will feel for many standpoints you know we're freezing up way more numbers than I would just console grade even Texas it's all they've managed to do that twice now consecutively I think from our perspective that was probably a concert with him I because also shifted the the the the realization that you know they might have a superior Dr maybe maybe you know maybe we'll talk about that this Richard Dawkins that week which is really difficult for any alliance to do when you're in a war right it's not easy I am surprised how quickly sure she has switched. Doctrines so efficiently and so fast and there if she's just knew what to do and just how to perfectly anchored 60 it's not easy with this particular country to slot a sniper street or you can just be 100 you know you have to be very precise ranges and it's intense and it's been beautiful to watch from their side salutes to their offices. From us. Also because the K. feat but please say Arabic culture a scion CB were the first ones I I would say to test it right by there's videos of them doing like 5 versus 50 right and these topics and I'm there's actually you know off the X. amount of months there is countless do it right and then you know come in and Jennifer and I've done a great job of trying to counter and many attempts and many of it being successful and it's it's it's it's a very very difficult for you to run with a huge margin for error because it you know as long as you catch what I'm gonna say how but it's that there's a number of things that can happen which you know very easily and and and you know your courts and I'm there for yesterday I W. after will prompt. So and I see changes as I said as the inside story is impressive how quickly they managed to put off and actually move off flawlessly pretty much it without while we have done it for a couple months prior and I you know I'm I'm in a 68 but fix the errors will treat us to done because it's a very difficult feats but also I see change management so you know implants it really quickly and smoothly supports them in it I think a lot of people look at it as the enemy of my enemy is my friend and so was the banana blender discord was born where it's basically your coalition server but with S. H. H. and now what's it like fleeting up with multiple fleets and going back and forth and going from S. H. H. fleets to know fleets going back to S. H. H. fleets the communication and all of that it's gonna be a lot it's gonna be intense certainly bring the most intense time for. Have to admit I think from both sides right wouldn't you you've been around in the war and I haven't seen that much in fleets but yeah it's been some of the most intense are you talking about my specific. Yeah yeah yeah if you've been around it's been very high content so a lot of people on reddit are saying. The most content they've seen in such a short dose back to back fleets. It's a lot right so in my experience and because I am part of this. In my experience of a lot of the op a lot of the ops are not favorable for me as far as like my work schedule and all that but the times that I have listened in N. and I'm listening to orders and I'm all that stuff and then all of a sudden teeny you would come in and you would start barking and you know it's like trying to trying to say okay you go that way I'll go this way make sure everybody's on board I'll go into this fleet and update them you know you're you're jumping around a lot trying to communicate. Into just to make sure everybody is on the same page and that's that that's just insane the amount of dedication that you have toward this and how everybody is working together how everybody's on the same page doing these ops because yeah you're out numbered. How is it that you guys are still coming out on top no communication through this discord is Bana awesome god I mean I don't really have any other words to say about it. What tips for FC is is it helps to use a voice I think over text sometimes it's faster can be quicker guy you're about to get jump into a trap it's easier just to jump into someone's channel yeah. Quickly on the stars go follow our alliance we always. Mmhm troops are fighting grow their system are big targets because of course of course that we're missing alliance and that people pulled away for us to fighting what can brokers once they can't fight that 0004 away following alliances the oldest oldest expedience all through the fights we're still some more number Sir we're so so more stronger more stronger that's the tops and the only 1 where you are how you probably you can manage it for you are you have a right perfect I'll give that information between your are your fleets and between your people and some coastal or through August I've tried to work it's a critique group called the national and it's interesting to see how that extended with church it was as if there were no pilots like there is no not even a slight delay between the 2 it was it was incredible I've never seen something like that in this game. I imagine that's what Jen Fenton pantheon feel like when they fight together there they've been fighting together for so many wars they probably. The semi read each other's mind on the on that note also an interesting point coffer one of the corpse in no we often have pilots from coffer in our fleets without a translator. So they don't understand what the FC is saying and yet they still fight perfectly in sync I'm not sure how but that is a testament to the level of coordination those guys have. So yeah so tell us some numbers. Going into this war how many Citadelle stood pantheon have roughly I shouldn't tell you them okay with me. Brown we're doing that. Some running around a lot of statistics. I actually there that's one thing I vaguely remember 130 ishe was look around that number it's just it's it's some reason they're going to ship this. Yeah I it's it's not split up here but how few in genesis and capturing 2 together had about at the beginning of this war about 200 42 insolvencies the 70 systems which was but you count the total amount of 70 systems light system which have being here west of its being claims basically 10 Jan I'm capturing 2 Arns you could say owns like over 54 percent of all the sovereignty claim then you eat and so you could say off the off of the sovereignty map is claimed by them which is you know a staggering amount in such a panic here I think you're it was close to over 120 which in comparison to a sea change for example which was outside of 0 22 I think I see church holds 779 systems of sovereignty which is not too big and some of the others I'm parking would be I think the largest holding alliance in this game a bio my 0 percent I think they were around 120 200 37 systems at the beginning of this war Morris how many went down within that 30 day period of that war. Hard to say but it's around 30. Around 25 to 30 the total is around $40 today were claiming. 7 plus 9 reclaiming 16 more today alone. So yeah it's a lot it's around 4546 with less of a guesstimate I would say run maybe we've we've lost track I'm no strings of person yeah I think I peek there was 1 in which there was having a record for this game mostly there's this couple records achieved in this war first is the my the the first into cysts sits at all. What has been achieved as as innocence lost on Texas what's achieved at the beginning of this war I think it was in 19 this was probably the first time it's ever been done another one is hosted in a 24 hour period I lost. In a 20 4:40 hours I think was probably 24 they lost around yes over 20 6020 far because they they made that time is we'll be on a Tuesday which you know you can discuss with the distracting or not but you know when they're not defending them it meant that we could probably kill about 20 the citadels and 1 single you know which obviously requires a local nationals manpower to achieve a little spit fleets to to do that but you know it's it's significant and if that's happened 1 days is is pretty big. Well. Yeah today is also pretty pretty busy day. You guys have been crazy how. It's just so many of gone down in the last 30 days and and then see and that. And the on is no longer up there as far as you've seen the sob map is having the highest amount of self owned anymore so my believe SHHS surpassed that now are there they think they're the next bigger. Sends us right next and bus. Right right yes we'll talk about that I think that's a change I think that's a trade shows is humble enough to not make that statement hopefully the. We'll talk about that a little a little bit later but. So more recently though you've been seen these corpse leave pantheon step out of the war reset standings but how are you taking all of that are you taking that as a W.. I didn't understand the question you mean like the the fact that they're pulling out one by one to separate their cities yeah they're separating their to basically yeah get em sells us or not. The the 2 us a victory isn't with them crumbling completely just the fact that they broke up a little bit and if it ever have admitted that we have won the war they've surrendered they've taken the terms that's enough I would say there's a lot of people in France and that we like actually and we respect on that side so hopefully they can bounce back quicker. So we can get back to fighting again. It may be less serious way ways. The fragmentation upon him it is I think it's a real beneficial to game one of. Okay say that one of the things for us as as you know alliance is consenting it was concerning how the 2 biggest coalitions in this camp to Java because we don't we're not someone to decide who should you know how one person like when alliance to cook large coalition should you know how they should play the game and that's been several about us that we're trying to determine how older people should plan I think since completing correct everyone should play this game how they want I've never lasts. In a pre capital and coming into the capital you know you could say environment having the 2 largest coalitions between each other and what was happening on the tunnel which would drop someone see right what you have S. H. H. Liu Zhen fades and vice versa Jennifer grew to pounds and it was you know the 3 largest coalitions or blue to each other it's it's it's not gonna guess not environment where you have competitive you know P. P. and you don't have you know everything's been see you this road not really much else you can do this game the you know any online you know you're the things which have made history anymore line have been councils and wars and skirmishes and I wasn't writing reminding city and and we need to you know to some degree you don't have to be in an environment which P. P. is you know it's important and it's something that old alliances and coalitions to strive to improve and and I never I never become complacent that's because you've done a good bit the pro it means that your your empire con combo which I think unfortunately is might have been the stance of of Pentium because of the support between genesis and pumpkin and I think the fragmentation of pumpkin on the current state might be might create new new we hope they create side of like new organic alliances within it but you know you are smaller in size and they require you know this massive levels of blood that you'd find in the past like for example you know you see see you take up prime constructions a hole and you do you see the formation of about 300 to 400 engine pilots pungent 22 pilots and in a in a in a mobile game light like either because when you have black screens where the client is not there to back it up ET if you don't you can't really count so that unless you bring another globe wireless you're very strategic about how you attack which is kind of the approach we we like to go with so I think through that fragmentation. Pumpkin the game itself has has improved in in our eyes to have more competitive P. P. I'm not this this contest a requirement of the large blobs which became constable in order full survival you know I'm C. C. like for example genesis right now can no longer right now count some prompt him to defend the structure so they are forced to to engage one PP answer to help me understand how they can the sun themselves on hold ups themselves against maybe a small force and medium size for sort of sort of force which is matching that this size right so so at the end of the day the outcome from this is a more competitive environment for the whole of meat and and and one that hopefully creates more Amazing Stories and we hope that they need to you know whatever the cold sore alliances the form through the news 33 the court started left now out of the reminiscence of pantheon you know they form something amazing and it's it's fun and it's more competitive but it requires like small and medium sized skirmishes and fights which are fun that you know the fun in that and as part of an element of the game Robinson club warfare which with black black screens and disconnects baggage it's it's not it's not a good environment to PP and it's boring and CTAS are boring and unfortunately missed creep in industrial development which were that was the only way to really fight against these big structures so because these big coalitions that will prove to each other was 3 laps so I think I roll on in summer. Part of this is that. New wouldn't becomes more competitive I'm looking forward to whatever and the child support or whatever new formations of you know abroad out of it and created and yeah hi fi above all that everyone in this game is having more fun. Well here's this question is the war over. Of course no. The city yes. We're going to build the sensor in the never over war is never. The error is more out of school. Of course this is just for us we don't wanna spoke we we wanna fight every time we won the fights more stronger and stronger alliance it's our way or it will. We can be in both we don't have more stronger more be more dangerous enemy and it's not possible that's why would go on people alliance well we we take people and without your permission I lines but with the way small numbers so we we don't wanna be you were really deep because if we start B. arena B. we do not find the and hope to sit the Kenya. The level the level of pilot that that you have I understand what he's saying you can become too big basically and the. It's a it's a philosophy that that's the reason I'm here and this alliance because of that I enjoy now so that we would like to file a numbered safely if you grow so much on the on the that song is what your party fight will be a vehicle silo your you know your out outlook them so this is you know we we what we like that challenge and sons of my please stop we I think we can say that probably. 8 or 10 not 9 out of 10 of our boxes are being without the numbering and it's not such an attraction nestled like. As I correct cold mornings for you saying why do we don't over 2 months yes yep yep. So how about this and how about the war against pantheon is that over or is that still. Happening. Source it's it's complicated but most groups have dropped out there's like a couple of course that in conversation with us now we are taking some of those today but if things are fizzling down like it's there isn't really yeah most groups of have backed down but now I would say the war is over this. So are you guys attacking the allies I understand catch 22 backed out from it. If I had read it correctly on. Read it within the last 2004 hours so what did with that just leave Jan fatter than they still wanting to fight. Catch 22 offered there could there as tributes and we accepted graciously and they have backed out from the war. Genfit. I cannot answer that round I don't know I think they're quiet in their corner right now but it's a it's a complicated situation cook told also knows this very very well 40 better myself. What do you want to say that genesis. Good news coca. Yeah yeah. Sorry guys on my little finger sometimes they don't understand he's asking you if the war is over and. If we will attack the allies of pantheon like catch 22 no not anymore but Jen fed or whoever is out like. I think my uncle on and. Is 22 it's. It's probably its wettest throwing dice but more stronger use Guinness I think in this more be more stronger and they have way high morale all right or probably I do want to or not Q. station login is this I didn't see sense who would do it but engine is this have a way of soft politics needing control they think when they were who won they take out of the because they can be more bigger and bigger they will not take anybody and that it's this is a big dangerous because of small alliances USAID wanna say something organisers goodness can come Brinker 500 people and say you will bring a lot to me say and that I think I think no you for a genesis and signed up we will be in the war it's created some bonds. But I am a little bit afraid how much mind you home when you capital skin agreed now again there is this because you may just have a moon roof I think that can I just have one more big bass R. O. in district corpse and use it create much use they start to be too strong the game creates same same alliances like up on Jan 22 they just agreed that the game and the next war whether we are old sold is this next door will be more difficult. This marks which seems to help yes. I think our target now it's good news is but we don't want you getting at this we want to just. May exam leave they'll be lethal beat. We know not Q. Q. all stations north I don't know. Thank territory just just makes them illegal bits of soft legal B.. It's also worth noting that Jett Janis is the S. itself did not become so invasive well certainty that they actually purchase marks to a certain degree despite all the spinning and everything then it leaves me something did and the latest in the day pedestals yeah this isn't the honest that we have they have hired us in the past but we'll save that so they they weren't doing the same practices the pantry on plans for those 6 months or. We'll see here so we got capitals coming here in a couple days. That's gonna be yeah like you said it's gonna be a lot more expensive the next war. Yeah it'll be interesting in the beginning I think when there aren't too many of them but when they're when she but if it's too easy to get them that's will become yeah that was the game will change will change just like it did in your online. In front of C. like mere enjoys sub caps we'll see. The chief could be injured will be interesting for awhile at least. So okay well will lead into this then mmhm so what's what's to happen with the coalition when all this is said and done are you guys going to remain on good terms with S. H. H. Coulter Nile so that run I mean it's pretty we've been public about it everyone knows we're going to reset. Sure wish on whether remain on good terms I'm sure we will even when you left. Sure sure I don't know how long ago it was maybe 67 months ago we left on good terms so I don't see why wouldn't we would not have. Good terms with them then they know that we like to fight hard and we might kill a couple of their symbols and they might have a couple of ours but it's not a big deal. With the way with the it's it's our culture it's the way we look at the game where we don't mind it's okay. Yeah. I I want to be great for everyone and I want to be and I will not repeat your petition for allied school manner thank you result payment network I can because all payment we are I wanna create 2 alliance but now it's not possible because I didn't. If you encounter along again and some Christensen also silent also going to give contracts for us a long time and we will not break it and we want to just play our game what we like and we don't wanna helping for one site to create it to be too strong we all this one have work will always hold a will or will not have difficult task and we also oldest one that dog be on some site. We don't want to be on some sites we want to be a just miss that alliance will be for the jeep that yeah the fruits meet with people can hire us and we can show our show up that's all. I think much of what we agreed in suit into during this book publishing with S. H. H. is definitely that you know we both love P. P. I think someone has made a P. P. part of the culture and they've been in a war against FS for over a year which means as they've been told and baby involved in constant content basically and concentrations of skirmishes and small bottles so that the battle hardened by all means and and so so we and I think there is that mutual respect of or you know do you know the vin off towards P. P. and how and how and it's part of our culture and how we will probably so once this we had a certain objective here which is mostly Wisconsin trying to make specific pantheon but we we understand that off there with me with Melber objectives will reset standings most likely how we originally agreed to and 40 go back to shooting each other because we both enjoy and I think out of this event in terms of this this coalition has been formed up I'm there's there's been nothing but a lot of mutual respect a lot of appreciation a lot of the propaganda that's pushed the I. the SHHS this toxic coal no pre stoppers toxic has really been you know shut down through through facts and proof is as you know the relationship is as being very very smooth F. the F. C.'s oversaturation fantastic the intelligence team is also amazing and it bans and it's nothing but respect for them and I think it's probably you could probably say it's mutual so whatever comes from the future will just be a competitive environment where we have what we 2 alliances which on the stand that P. P. as part of this game we will engage in PP I will enjoy it and will challenge each other you know and it's and yeah I am a bubble mutual respect and understand that we don't that's across the community and prevent all that's across the committee which seems to be like a buzzword right now you're engaging a PPO. You're trying to you know. Damage another large coalition inotes and slightly make them weak it's considered to be an attack on their own they pay a base in that community but I think and situation of habit I mean I think we can say that they have a different approach is on the stand that you know P. P. is part is is I would say 2 thirds of what this game is about and I will probably go back to P. P. is some when when objects are finished. A good deal well that's all I had if you guys had any other topics that you want to hit on I did have a quote from to he he says we we can't wait to reset and go back to shooting S. H. H. I seen that I read it this morning. I think let them to. We're like fighting each other one of their leaders is actually in the channel with us just our listening Hey Michael so he's very little very little that I can add to what Colton Rahn said they pretty much laid out as it is like we don't want to be on anyone's side we want balance in the game we let rejoice you being not sure sure her brothers we'll go back to fighting them. And the yeah that's what's left yeah exactly there's there's no bad blood between the 2 so you know that I think that's the most important thing to work with the south honestly I don't know I don't know harbors any grudges I I don't think the meme where banana was mostly a joke I mean I I think the guys great things there's nothing wrong with that guy you should have attacked or solving game but that's an engaged thing I mean I have nothing against the person. So yeah there's no ill will I think even towards the south from our side so hopefully they bounced back strong. That's our hope Hey guys if you if you want to do some closing thoughts and shout outs if you have any shout outs go head. Well just that sees for sure trouble Jack Michael J. D. O. iota. I am not a Kerr for sure amazing to watch him in his nightmare doing I usually do it in a fax guardian he does it in a nightmare and he does it beautifully Shea Hulu it's the home of my phone it S. the scepter FC innocent sage that constantly saves our fleets he's just killing enemy lodges and just protecting us burning up and down the pipe the guy is amazing sometimes he kills as much as I have usually it's. Which is impressive for an interceptor from. But in amazing as well soccer's been great the people that do the Intel the scouts honestly all along. We all have to perfectly work together for the press to pull it off we didn't win by a huge margin it was a. You know on the ropes barely pulled it off type of wind sorry all the moving parts have to come together perfectly for one what one didn't work bedrock thanks for the info for how to set up the agreement. Then their bus for doing the thinking sometimes because these ops would be very long sometimes you're just hand over the thinking to someone else you just say listen just direct me where do I go with my feet I can't look at maps anymore I can't you know and he would help do that. Just the whole team there's too many to list. I don't see the individual pilots you know they love them just from the support roles to the end so the scouts things so they're just playing on the. As always we want everyone because we had the just one or 2 more lodges just better skilled or stayed alive better than the enemies and saying stuff yes it is several analysts that anyway everyone assisting them and making job of coordination and also I think it's it's props to. The staff as well to see what would be the full account can allow their seats are absolutely. Great people really smart very talented great hardy's. Yeah. It was not easy. And the line members as well that part is a great very proficient and I could probably say this is for for every single person in the south as well as it is I said it is being unfortunately I've cooked food is as rare toxic well this is some sort of be for hatred towards them absolutely that's correct we we appreciate every single line pilots I am especially pounced in genesis it's it's it's it's it's just part of the game is part of the peeking mechanic some US willing agent what we enjoy that they approach them as well because they've they've they've they've they've they've built up their own empire makes for it and they defended it very very well and they've they've made up they made our life very difficult very challenging and also very enjoyable and they put up a really really good fight and I think one important thing from from that standpoint is what this the status quo of pension right now has changed and and a lot has changed significantly but this should not stop when you're placed on the stand that you know part of part of even part of what happens in Eden is that you know things are rebuilt on this new opportunities and new challenges and and they they if this office for very very hard to name this time to rebuild and think of new challenges and new opportunities to take advantage of its it's an inner way something like this is the end is just a new chapter as as well as with many of the was is V. whether CO I hear sounds and over is a much more interesting place now. First for small to medium sized corporate initiation there's. Listed to be taken there is power vacuums for people to fill new people in charge. 3 very interesting to see how it'll play out in the next one or 2 months. Is Congress next month. I but I think we're I think Christina should we close to finishes and I won the the few wars first one. All our enemy it's not our enemies just clips like 3 and I am have huge respect for anybody who understand it quite the. Is out. Without hating just. Just just one foot well I am always swung the city something in groups or people who losing or gaining ground that I have huge respect for every bite bonds on Jan is this sending their distributor will respect these guys quite seeing car these guys sometimes losing sometimes reading but they they tried to they tried to be. As it is the place to be on the back as he tried to being good malt. I use them and did so for me it's a very important people in the jury. Yeah we had we had to have fun of the game. Awesome awesome to hear will wrap it up there so guys it was a pleasure talking with you I would say fly safe but I know how you guys are so go out there and kill it right in your sleep hi dangerously thank you for talking with me today it is. Thank you Emma thank you very much. That wraps it up food this week if you like the show please rate and review it on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you listen to this podcast I do have a YouTube channel like and subscribe that for future videos and if you would like to sponsor the show please reach out to me on discord being a sponsor gets your corporation ad out there for listeners of the show who may be looking to join a court. Also if you wish please join my discord. That is where I do my round table talks when I do do them I post all my episodes there I have a guest list shown and you can also post your very own Corp at a leave that link to this discord in the description. And yes the shout outs to our other content creators so if you want even more even echoes news and a deeper dive into what's going on with the galaxy check out the men's L. over on YouTube in his show echoes from the front that's where he goes over game announcements patch notes alliance drama battles and much more I also wanna give a shout out to Sky News the premier Russian news outlet if you haven't checked out their channel go check it out on YouTube yes it's all spoken in Russian but they do include English subtitles in their videos they also have a blog in which the text can be translated to your preferred language the checkout let's play the game at over at Sky News. So thank you everybody for listening take care fly dangerously and I shall see you next week.