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7 months ago
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Request for Additional Team Members.

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I am writing this email to bring to your attention the current situation with DMB team. As you may know, our FE developer Alexei Lapitau was pushed to take compensatory leave because of the company's bench employee policies, he worked with the tearn for the past 1 year (DMB and EIS projects). We have been experiencing a shortage of resources, which may lead us to a delay in delivering the committed work on time.

For now, only one active FE developer is available on DMB who joined a month ago and will leave the project in 3 weeks. On the other hand, there is a noticeable gap in BE resources as our senior developer is only 25% (overtime) assigned to the project. Most of the team members are working diligently on several projects and it has become increasingly challenging to manage the workload with the current team size and composition.

By adding a frontend and a backend developer to our team, we will be able to alleviate the current workload and ensure that we can meet the deadlines within our roadmap.

One of the possible ways to power up DMB would be to Add a 100% non-billable middle BE developer and 100% non-billable middle FE developer who will also support EIS.

As an alternative can be viewed the addition of a 100% non-billable BE developer and redistributing ~30% from recourse of the current EIS FE developer on DMB, but as far as there is only FE in EIS it will noticeably reduce Inventory System team performance.

Thank you for considering my request. I am open to further discussing this matter with you if you need any more information.