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6 months ago
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hi,actually i have an presentation today where iam explaning about my team architecture i have writte some points below where iam going to tell them.i want your help i arranging below sentences in good english and also mainly i want you to prolong those below words so that i can say some more time

so basically this is the architecture of HOBS analytics...so here you can see events from different applications like crms,cpq,omp,rms,agreements are produced into kafka and from there Event processor consumes events from kafka and for each event it enriches data by querying application db  data through node Js..once data enrichement is done we are writing that enriched data to the data lake that is cassandra and also in cassandra we have both historical and aggregrated data(which is an precomputed data for certain period for kpi reports) and now once data is written into cassaandra we have HOBS-AnalyticsDataService which is an  flask based api application where we have exposed all kinds of apis like getCustomer,order informations,customer informations