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Here is a comparison of the policies from the 2024 manifestos of the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, and Green Party.

Labour Party Manifesto

  1. Economy:

    • Increase investment through a windfall tax on oil and gas companies.
    • Create Great British Energy and a National Wealth Fund.
    • Invest in green jobs and technology through the Green Prosperity Plan.
  2. Public Services:

    • Reallocate funds to prioritize public service delivery and frontline services.
    • Halve consultancy spend and invest in police, domestic abuse advisers, and legal advocates for rape survivors.
    • Increase investment in mental health services and legal aid.
  3. Housing and Infrastructure:

    • Invest in road maintenance and fill in up to 1 million potholes yearly.
    • Appoint 300 new planning officers.
  4. Immigration:

    • Implement new measures to clear the asylum backlog.
    • End the use of hotels for asylum accommodation and scrap the Rwanda scheme.
  5. Social Policies:

    • Waive visa costs for non-UK veterans who served for four years or more.
    • Provide legal aid for victims of disasters or state-related deaths.

Liberal Democrat Manifesto

  1. Economy:

    • Reform the Child Maintenance Service.
    • Tackle the cost-of-living crisis by removing the two-child limit and benefit cap.
    • Protect the triple lock on pensions.
  2. Public Services:

    • Support pensioners and increase Carer's Allowance.
    • Improve the benefits system, including reducing the wait for Universal Credit and scrapping the bedroom tax.
    • Invest in helplines for quicker responses to State Pension queries.
  3. Housing and Infrastructure:

    • Make Universal Credit more accessible by reducing the wait time for the first payment from five weeks to five days.
    • Expand eligibility for Carer's Allowance.
  4. Immigration:

    • Stand with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Uyghurs, ensuring safe and legal routes for refugees.
    • Increase humanitarian assistance to Sudan and support Afghan refugees.
  5. Social Policies:

    • Commit to ending deep poverty within a decade.
    • Introduce a 'Toddler Top-Up' Child Benefit for one-year-olds.
    • Increase statutory maternity and paternity pay.

Green Party Manifesto

  1. Economy:

    • Commit to a Green New Deal to create jobs in renewable energy and sustainability.
    • Ensure a fair tax system, targeting wealth and high incomes.
  2. Public Services:

    • Guarantee universal basic services, including health care, education, and social care.
    • Invest in local public transport and make it free.
  3. Housing and Infrastructure:

    • Promote affordable, energy-efficient housing.
    • Implement policies to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development.
  4. Immigration:

    • Support humane immigration policies and refugees' rights.
    • Oppose hostile environment policies and ensure migrants' fair treatment.
  5. Social Policies:

    • Focus on social justice, including equality and anti-discrimination measures.
    • Promote community-based initiatives and local democracy.

Key Differences

  • Economic Policies:

    • Labour focuses on a green economy and infrastructure investment through taxation and borrowing.
    • Liberal Democrats emphasize social welfare reforms and benefits improvements.
    • Green Party centers on sustainability and a fair tax system to support a Green New Deal.
  • Public Services:

    • Labour and Liberal Democrats both aim to improve public services, but Labour focuses on reallocating funds, while the Liberal Democrats aim for systemic reforms in welfare and pensions.
    • Green Party advocates for universal basic services and free public transport.
  • Housing and Infrastructure:

    • Labour plans significant infrastructure investments.
    • Liberal Democrats focus on immediate financial relief and benefits reform.
    • Green Party promotes sustainable housing and reducing carbon emissions.
  • Immigration:

    • Labour and Liberal Democrats both support humane immigration policies but have different approaches to refugee support.
    • Green Party emphasizes opposition to hostile environment policies and promotes migrant rights.
  • Social Policies:

    • Labour aims to support veterans and victims of disasters with legal aid.
    • Liberal Democrats prioritize child welfare, carers, and poverty reduction.
    • Green Party focuses on social justice, equality, and local community initiatives.

This summary highlights the distinct approaches each party has towards key policy areas.

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