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# Sure, I can help you draft a sample PySpark code to perform analysis on a dataset. Let's assume the dataset has the following columns: country, health_group, year, and population.

from pyspark.sql import SparkSession
from pyspark.sql.functions import *

# Create a SparkSession
spark = SparkSession.builder.appName('health_group_analysis').getOrCreate()

# Load the dataset
df = spark.read.csv('path_to_your_dataset.csv', inferSchema=True, header=True)

# Check the schema of the dataset

# Let's get the total population by country, health_group and year
total_population_by_country_group_year = df.groupBy('country', 'health_group', 'year')\

# To show the result

# Let's get the average population by health_group and year
average_population_by_group_year = df.groupBy('health_group', 'year')\

# To show the result

# If you want to save these results to a CSV file

# Stop the SparkSession

# This is a basic analysis, grouping by different columns and calculating the sum and average of the population. Please replace 'path_to_your_dataset.csv' with the actual path to your dataset. Also, depending on your dataset and the kind of analysis you want to perform, you might need to adjust the code.

# Please note that running this code requires a Spark environment. If you're running this locally, you'll need to have Apache Spark installed and configured properly. If you're using a cloud-based service like Databricks or AWS EMR, these environments are already set up to run PySpark code.

# Remember, PySpark is a powerful tool and can handle much more complex analysis. If you have specific analysis requirements or if your data requires additional preprocessing steps, please provide more details.