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Okay, imagine this is a travel scenario we meet and we take separate bath and then i see you in bathrobe where i can see your curvy body, that amazing ass and oh so good boobs peeping out of the dress 

I look at you and you can see what my intentions are and what's about to come next.
So I walk towards you from a bit far, while you are arranging your stuff from the bag, you see me approaching… You see me coming close to you and you get a little scared from what may come next, and then I push you against the wall, stare right in your eyes and then I will ask you if you are scared off and you’ll scare you.
And then I’ll put my hands on the wall basically trapping you and giving you no option.

Then I’ll lean in for a kiss and you’ll lean in too and I’ll pull right back before our lips touch.
Then I’ll just suddenly just put my hands in your pussy trying to finger you and see you moan and surprised.
You definitely won't be expecting that.

It would just to see if you are wet or not.
If you won't be, I'll gently still finger you. 

Then I'll kiss your neck slowly, might bite a bit in between, Then I'll turn you around and kiss your shoulders and neck, you'll feel me grinding against your ass while I kiss each and every inch of your back.

Then I'll make you face the wall, pop your back out and spread your legs.
I'll be behind you, but instead of going in I'll go on my knees and eat you from behind and give you full freedom to grab me by my hair and move it exactly where and how you feel the most pleasure.
I'll just keep on licking your clit and finger you till I can see your cum all over my hands.
And then I'll just try to tongue fuck you till your legs don't shake and the moment I sense that you are close to an orgasm
I'll stop and gently kiss you. 

After that I’ll start fingering you again but I'll be very gentle and move my other hand on your boobs and try to pinch your nipple and it’ll hurt you a bit because it'll be unexpected but only for a split second.
Meanwhile my lips and tongue will also play with your nipples.
Running my tongue in circular motion on your nipples and gently sucking them.
And again Randomly bite when you least expect. 

When i hear you moan harder I'll start fingering you faster and use my thumb against your clit 
So I can finger you and rub your clit at the same time.
This time I won't tease you, I'll let you cum. 

Once that’s done. I’ll throw you in bed, rip apart your bathrobe, put my hands around your throat like I'm about to choke you and then I'll pin you down and then go down on you lick your inner thighs, rub your clit again till your toes don't curl again. 

I’ll turn you around, spank your butt till it's red, you'd ask me to stop but I've finally got you, I am not stopping tonight.

Then I’ll pull your hair from behind, move my hand around your pusy and rub your clit, then you’ll moan even harder, and then I’ll suddenly shove my dick inside you for the first time, you’ll likely be caught off guard but I hope in a good way.
I’ll then continue to do it from behind for a while

In this position, not in the ass just in the vagina 

Once you beg me to stop, I’ll stop, turn you around and kiss you hard and bite your lips.

Then I’ll just take matters in my own hands and pull your legs close to me and put them on my shoulder and fuck you in missionary like this

Then I’ll go really hard and fast and go even deep like this

While I'm doing that I'll try to also rub your clit whenever I can. 

I’ll then slow down and kiss you to make it a bit more softer and gentle till you recover and for those moments I’ll just make it “love making” soft and gentle, and sweet.

Once you feel better I’ll make it rough again.
But this time there’s a twist 
I’ll make your legs intertwined so your walls are closer and you feel each stroke deeper and harder, touching all your walls and insides.

Then I’ll kiss you, turn you around and spank your juicy ass and kiss it a few times because I just love your ass too too much and then I’ll grab your ass while we cuddle and we’ll fall asleep with your bare ass touching my dick and me grabbing your juicy ass!