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//Home Screen
let  ZocketAdsResults = "Zocket Ads results"
let addYourProductErrorString =  "We understand you are in a hurry !! Please add your products and link your facebook page to continue."
let Rewards = "Rewards"
let linkFaceBookPageUnlock = "Link FB page to unlock"
let AlreadyUsed = "Already Used"
let CreatePost = "Create Post"
let LaunchAds = "Launch Ads" 
let ShootAndPost = "Shoot and Post"
let Reach = "Reach"
let Calls = "Calls"
let Chat = "Chat"
let GetMoreCustomers = "Get more customers"
let ChooseTypeOfAdToGetStarted = "Choose type of ad to get started"
let addYourProductString = "Add your first product or service offering"
let linkFaceBookPageString = "Link your Facebook business page to start running ads"
let AddNowString = "Add Now"
let LinkString = "Link"
let FilterToday = "Today"
let FilterWeek = "This week"
let FilterMonth = "This Month"

//Signup Screen
let EnterPhoneNumberString = "Enter your phone number"
let EnterYourMobileNumber = "Enter your mobile number"
let PleaseEnterYourPhoneNumber = "Please enter your phone number to proceed"
let runAds30Sec = "Run your ads in 30 seconds"
let IncreaseYourCustomerReach = "Increase your customer reach and grow your business online"
let GetOTP = "Get OTP"
let VerifyOTP = "Verify OTP"
let EnterOTP = "Enter OTP"
let EnterReceivedOTP =  "Please enter the received OTP and proceed"
let NotRecivedOTP = "Didn't receive OTP?"
let ResendOTPString = "Resend"
let VerifyYourNumber = "Verify your number"
let PleaseEnterTheCode   = "Please enter the code we’ve sent by text to "
let Change = "Change"
let BusinessCategory = "Business Category"
let PleaseSelectYourBusinessCategory = "Please select your business category"
let SearchForTheCategory = "Search for the category"
let PopularCategorySuggestions = "popular category suggestions"

//MyProduct Screen
let Share = "share "
let Edit = "edit "
let ProductDescription = "Product Description"
let NoProductYet = "Oops! No products yet."
let TapAddProducts  =  "Tap ‘Add Products’ below to add your first product or service"
let AddProducts = "ADD PRODUCTS"
let NoProduct = "NoProduct"

//ProductVideoPreview Screen
let WithTheHelpOfZocket = "With the help of Zocket"
let PromoteYourBusiness   =  "Promote your business like any other large business"
let GetStarted = "Get Started"

let Home =  "Home"
let Products = "Products"
let Account = "Account"
let Ads = "Ads"
let Customer = "Customer"
let Zocket = "Zocket"
let NoInvoiceFound = "No Invoice Found"
let ChooseAPage = "Choose a Page"
let Loading = "Loading"
let Skip =  "Skip"
let Next = "Next"
let Congratulations = "Congratulations!"
let GoToHome = "Go to home"
let LinkFacebookPage = "Link Facebook Page"
let ChooseAtLeast3Images = "Choose at least 3 images"
let YourUploads = "Your Uploads"
let SearchInZocketLibrary = "Search in Zocket library"
let Minimum3 = "Minimum 3"
let SearchAndSelectImageFromZocketLibrary = "Search and select image from zocket library"
let SearchForImages = "Search for images"
let Congratulation  = "Congratulations"
let CustomersAreWaitingForYou = "Customers are waiting for you"
let CompleteYourProfile = "Complete your Profile"
let FindingCustomerMatches =  "Finding Customer matches."
let LookingForPeopleInterestedInYourBusiness = "Looking for people interested in your business"
let AnalysingYourBusiness = "Analysing your business."
let CuratingWaysToHelpYourBusinessGrow =  "Curating ways to help your business grow."
let WelcomeToZocket = "Welcome to Zocket"
let PleaseSelectYourPreferredLanguage = "Please select your preferred language"
let TellUsMore = "Tell us more... "
let EnterYourBusinessName = "Enter your business name"
let WantCustomersFrom = "I want customers from"
let SelectTheLocationsAndFindCustomers = "Select the location and find customers"
let SuggestedAreas = "Suggested areas"

//UpgradePlan screen
let Yearly = "Yearly"
let ExcludingTaxes = "Excluding taxes"
let QuestionsPlease = "If you have any questions please "
let ContactUs = "Contact Us"
let Year = "year"
let Upgrade = "Upgrade"

//Upgrade plan Detail screen
let ProceedToPayment = "Proceed To Payment"
let ContactNumber = "Contact Number"
let Address = "Address"
let BusinessGSTIN = "Business GSTIN"
let BusinessName = "Business name"

//Payment History detailed screen
let Paid = "Paid"
let StatusString = "Status"
let DownloadInvoice = "Download Invoice"
let InvoiceNo = "Invoice No"
let To = "To"

//Payment History

let Subtotal = "Subtotal"
let Tax = "Tax "
let GrandTotal = "Grand Total"
let Description = "Description"
let Price = "Price"
let Qty =  "Qty"
let ZocketPremiumSubscription = "Zocket premium subscription"

//Subscrption BottomSheet
let SubscribeToZocketPremium =  "Subscribe to Zocket premium"
let UpgradeToZocketPremiumToUnlock = "Upgrade To Zocket Premium To Unlock"

let WhatDoYouWantToDo = "What do you want to do?"
let Continue =  "Continue"

//Campaign Settings
let SaveDetails = "Save Details"
let Radius = "Radius"
let SearchForPlace = "Search for a place"
let TargetingWithin = "Targeting within"
let kmsOf = "kms of"
let TargetLocationStr = "Target location"
let CampaignSettingsStr = "Campaign settings"
let BusinessContactNumber = "Business contact number"
let WhenCanCustomersContactYou = "When can customers contact you?"

//Campaign List screen
let Ad = "Ad"
let AdsThatAreCurrentlyRunning = "Ads that are currently running"
let FacebookAds = "Facebook Ads"
let GoogleAds = "Google Ads"

let CongratulationsZocketPremiumUser = "Congratulations, you’re now a premium Zocket user!"
let ZocketPremiumValidTill = "Your Zocket premium subscription is valid till "
let Gallery = "Gallery"
let Camera = "Camera"
let Cancel = "Cancel"

//Update Profile screen
let EnterBusinessName = "Enter business name"
let ChooseStr = "Choose"

let EnterOtpSent = "Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number"
let Verification = "Verification"
let DidntReceiveCode = "Didn't receive code?"
let ResendCode = "Resend Code"
let Verify = "Verify"

let DoYouHaveFacebookBusinessPage =  "Do you have a Facebook business page?"
let No = "No"
let Yes = "Yes"
let DontHaveFbBusinessPage = "I don’t have a FB business page"
let CreateNew = "Create New"
let LinkMyPageAndStartRunningAds =  "Link my page and start running ads"
let LinkPage = "Link Page"

//Network Error View
let NoNetwork = "No Network"
let Retry = "Retry"
let Error = "Error"
let OK = "OK"
let EnterValidOtpToContinue = "Enter valid OTP to continue"

//Add Product from Zocket Library
let PleaseEnterSearchText = "Please Enter search text to continue search image"

//Add Product Success Screen
let YouHaveAddedYourFirstProduct = "You have added your first product"
let YourProfileSetupIsNowComplete = "Your profile setup is now complete"
let YouCanStartRunningAdsNow = "You can start running ads now"

//Account View
let FreeUser = "Free User"
let PremiumUser = "Premium User"
let AdCredit = "Ad Credit"
let AddMoney = "Ad Money"
let MyAccount = "My Account"
let BusinessDetails = "Business Details"
let PaymentHistory = "Payment History"
let Pricing = "Pricing"
let HelpAndSupport = "Help and Support"
let PrivacyPolicy = "Privacy Policy"
let TermsAndConditions = "Terms & Conditions"
let Logout = "Logout"
let AreYouSureYouWantToLogout = "Are you sure you want to logout?"
let Done = "Done"

let ProductOrServiceName = "Product or service name"
let DiscountedPrice = "Discounted Price"
let EnterPrice = "Enter price"
let ProductOrServiceDescription = "Product or service description"
let DescribeYourProduct = "Describe your product and mention its speciality"
let ProductOrServiceImages = "Product or service images"
let UploadFromYourDevice = "Upload from your device"
let ChooseFromZocketLibrary = "Choose from Zocket library"

let ChooseProductToPromote = "Choose product to promote"

let ChooseBudget = "Choose Budget"
let Recommended = "Recommended"
let ShowMeTheAds = "Show me the ads"

//FreeCampaign View
let YourAdsAreReady = "Your ads are ready"
let StartCampaign = "Start Campaign"

//Reach Campaign View
let NotEnoughCredits = "Not enough credits"
let AddMoneyToStartAd = "Add money to start ad"
let Sponsored = "Sponsored"
let ChangeImage = "Change Image"
let ChangeCaption = "Change Caption"

//Campaign Success Screen
let CongratulationsYourCampaignIsReady = "Congratulations! Your campaign is ready."
let YourAdWillStartRunning = "Your ad will start running as soon as Google approves."

//Campaign Image Library View
let YouCanAlsoUploadImagesFromYourDevice = "You can also upload images from your device"
let ChangeAdImages = "Change ad images"
let SelectedImages = "Selected images"

//Edit Text View
let EnterTextOrChooseFromBelow = "Enter text or choose from below"
let AutoSuggestions = "Auto Suggestions"
let Refresh = "REFRESH"

//Call Campaign ad preview view
let ChangeHeadline = "  Change Headline   "
let ChangeDescription = "Change Description"

let GST18 = "GST 18%"
let Total = "Total"
let AddAmount = "Add Amount"

//Change Headline View
let ChangeHeadlineStr = "Change Headline"
let EnterHeadline = "Enter Headline"

//Shoot and PRomote Generate View
let PleaseWaitWhileWeGenerateYourSocialMediaPosts = "Please wait while we generate your social media posts.."
let TemplatesAreGettingReady = "Templates are getting ready please wait.."

//ShootandPRomote Template first view
let StartByChoosingATemplate = "Start by choosing a template. You can edit the images and text later."

let ChooseWhatYoudLikeToDo = "Choose what you'd like to do"

let NoCustomersYet = "No customers yet."
let StartRunningAdsToGetYourFirstCustomer = "Start running ads to get your first customer!"
let FilterByStatus = "Filter by status"
let ApplyFilter = "Apply filter"

let UpdateStatus = "Update Status"
let CustomerStatus = "Customer Status"
let ActivityLog = "Activity Log"

let EnterCustomerName = "Enter Customer Name"
let EnterMobileNumber = "Enter Mobile Number"
let plus91 = "🇮🇳+91"

let Today = "Today"
let Tomorrow = "Tomorrow"
let ShareYourPost = "Share your post"