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Solana Speedrun - Virtual Gam Jame

Speedrun is a Game Jam, a competition where participants have a limited time to create a game prototype inspired by a theme.

Date and duration

The game jam will take place from July 26th, 12pm UTC to July 30th, 12pm UTC. The theme reveal will officially kick off Speedrun!


You can find an extensive list of resources and examples (here).

How to submit

Only one person from your team needs to perform the submission.

Create a project here on Cubik (instructions) making sure to include:

  • Name
  • Game summary (max 180 characters)
  • GitHub repo
    • open-source programs
    • brief presentation w/ architecture overview and instruction on how to test the game
    • 2 min demo (max) of the gameplay/walkthrough
  • Tracks you are submitting to (you can only participate in one Main Track but in many Sponsored Tracks)

Eligibility and judging criteria

You find all the eligibility criteria for Main and Sponsored Tracks on the main website.

When it comes to judging criteria this is what you should consider:

  • Gameplay (does it work? Is it fun?)
  • Innovation (is the idea original?)
  • On-chain integration (how deeply is it integrated with Solana? is it fully on-chain?)
  • General feel (art, sound, lore etc)

Following the theme is important! The community and the sponsors will vote keeping this in mind so plan accordingly while building your game. You won't be disqualified for submitting a game that doesn't follow the theme, but your chance of winning are significantly lower.

Quadratic Funding Voting Mechanism

After the submissions are finalized, the community will commence the first voting and funding round on Cubik.

Quadratic Funding is a democratic way to allocate funding to projects. In this mechanism, the allocation of funds is not just based on the number of votes, but it takes into account both the number of votes and the number of individual voters, giving smaller projects a fair chance.

For example, if Project A receives 1 vote each from 10 people and Project B receives 10 votes from 1 person, Project A will receive more funding because the funding is quadratic in the number of individual contributors, not just the number of votes. You can vote with any amount you want.

After the round is concluded, the contributions will be directly channelled to your project and these funds will be amplified by a matching pool by some of the Sponsors. Other Sponsors will award the projects who submitted for their tracks on a 1:1 basis.

We can't wait to see the games you've crafted during this game jam. Good luck, and enjoy the voting!