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{'add_on_deal_info': None,
 'attributes': [{'id': 100061,
                 'idx': 0,
                 'is_pending_qc': False,
                 'is_timestamp': True,
                 'name': 'Expiry Date',
                 'value': '1730313000'},
                {'id': 101033,
                 'idx': 1,
                 'is_pending_qc': False,
                 'is_timestamp': False,
                 'name': 'Country Of Origin',
                 'value': 'India'},
                {'id': 101034,
                 'idx': 2,
                 'is_pending_qc': False,
                 'is_timestamp': False,
                 'name': 'Manufacturer Details',
                 'value': 'A.R.K.D Old Faridabad, HR'},
                {'id': 101035,
                 'idx': 3,
                 'is_pending_qc': False,
                 'is_timestamp': False,
                 'name': 'Packer Details',
                 'value': 'Myra Ayurveda, Faridabad, HR'},
                {'id': 101036,
                 'idx': 4,
                 'is_pending_qc': False,
                 'is_timestamp': False,
                 'name': 'Importer Details',
                 'value': 'Not available'}],
 'badge_icon_type': 0,
 'brand': None,
 'brand_id': 0,
 'bundle_deal_id': 0,
 'bundle_deal_info': None,
 'can_use_bundle_deal': False,
 'can_use_cod': None,
 'can_use_wholesale': False,
 'categories': [{'block_buyer_platform': None,
                 'catid': 100630,
                 'display_name': 'Beauty',
                 'image': None,
                 'is_default_subcat': False,
                 'no_sub': False},
                {'block_buyer_platform': None,
                 'catid': 100658,
                 'display_name': 'Hand, Foot & Nail Care',
                 'image': None,
                 'is_default_subcat': False,
                 'no_sub': False},
                {'block_buyer_platform': None,
                 'catid': 100866,
                 'display_name': 'Foot Care',
                 'image': None,
                 'is_default_subcat': False,
                 'no_sub': False},
                {'block_buyer_platform': None,
                 'catid': 101611,
                 'display_name': 'Foot Deodorant',
                 'image': None,
                 'is_default_subcat': False,
                 'no_sub': True}],
 'catid': 100630,
 'cb_option': 0,
 'cmt_count': 0,
 'cod_flag': 0,
 'coin_earn_label': None,
 'coin_info': {'coin_earn_items': [], 'spend_cash_unit': 0},
 'condition': 1,
 'ctime': 1635141962,
 'currency': 'INR',
 'current_promotion_has_reserve_stock': True,
 'current_promotion_reserved_stock': 3,
 'deep_discount': None,
 'description': 'MR Ayurveda Premium Quality Henna Powder is considered the '
                'best alternative to Chemical Hair Dyes. With a host of '
                'benefits attached under its name, here are few reasons for '
                'opting this. It is 100% Organic Hair Color powder that is '
                'made and extracted from the Leaves of the Henna plants or '
                'Lawsonia inermis as Scientifically called. It is 100% '
                'Chemical free with no added synthetic fertilizers or '
                'pesticides or any kind of additives for that matter, which '
                'makes it unique among all other Henna Powder Online. This '
                'Henna Hair Dye is Pure and Micro-fine Henna leaf powder. '
                'Being a 100% Natural Product, it helps to improve the texture '
                'and quality of Hair in addition to Dyeing them in a '
                'Completely Herbal manner. Being an Organic product, it doesnt '
                'contain Ammonia which comes as a blessing for the people who '
                'are intolerant to the extremely Pungent Smell of Ammonia to '
                'be precise and makes it Best for Hair. The Essential Benefits '
                'of this Henna powder for Hair help to prevent Dandruff. It '
                'further works as an excellent Healing Solution for Itchy '
                'Scalp and a number of Scalp Infections. Organic henna can be '
                'used as the complete Hair Care solution that provides for the '
                'proper Nutrition and Nourishment of the Scalp and the Hair in '
                'the most natural manner. This Herbal Henna Powder helps to '
                'deposit the Color on the outer surface of the Hair that forms '
                'a protective layer on the locks and unlike the Chemical Hair '
                'Colour doesnt penetrate the Hair shafts to deposit the '
                'Colours. It is a 100% Safe product with no side effects and '
                'causes no allergies. How to Apply:- Mix the MR Ayurveda Henna '
                'Powder in Warm Water to prepare a Paste and Keep the Mixture '
                'aside for 2-3 Hours. Apply the Mixture evenly on your Hair '
                'and Leave it for 30-45 Minutes. Keep it longer for Better '
                'Rich Colour, then Rinse thoroughly and wash your Hair with a '
                'Cleansing Shampoo.',
 'discount': '84%',
 'discount_stock': 3,
 'estimated_days': 2,
 'exclusive_price_info': None,
 'flag': 0,
 'flash_sale': {'brand_sale_brand_custom_logo': None,
                'cat_label': 0,
                'discount': '84%',
                'end_time': 1637505000,
                'extra_discount_info': None,
                'flash_catid': 12,
                'flash_sale_stock': 10,
                'flash_sale_type': 0,
                'hidden_price_display': None,
                'image': '4e0fea6fe04b9d5d718cf977f96c9a08',
                'is_shop_official': None,
                'is_shop_preferred': None,
                'item_type': None,
                'itemid': 10163763535,
                'modelids': None,
                'name': 'MR Ayurveda Premium Quality Brown Henna Powder, Hair '
                        'Color (100 g)',
                'price': 4900000,
                'price_before_discount': 29900000,
                'promo_images': ['4e0fea6fe04b9d5d718cf977f96c9a08'],
                'promo_name': 'MR Ayurveda Premium Quality Brown Henna Powder, '
                              'Hair Color (100 g)',
                'promo_overlay_image': '83ca0104cd82ca6f14370d837d46ce99',
                'promotionid': 2029978312,
                'raw_discount': 84,
                'reference_item_id': None,
                'reminder_count': None,
                'shopid': 545108588,
                'start_time': 1637490600,
                'stock': 3,
                'voucher': None},
 'group_buy_info': None,
 'has_group_buy_stock': False,
 'has_low_fulfillment_rate': False,
 'has_lowest_price_guarantee': False,
 'hashtag_list': None,
 'hidden_price_display': None,
 'historical_sold': 0,
 'image': '4e0fea6fe04b9d5d718cf977f96c9a08',
 'images': ['4e0fea6fe04b9d5d718cf977f96c9a08',
 'installment_plans': None,
 'is_adult': False,
 'is_alcohol_product': False,
 'is_category_failed': False,
 'is_cc_installment_payment_eligible': False,
 'is_group_buy_item': None,
 'is_hot_sales': None,
 'is_live_streaming_price': None,
 'is_mart': False,
 'is_non_cc_installment_payment_eligible': False,
 'is_official_shop': False,
 'is_on_flash_sale': True,
 'is_partial_fulfilled': False,
 'is_pre_order': False,
 'is_preferred_plus_seller': False,
 'is_slash_price_item': None,
 'item_has_post': False,
 'item_rating': {'rating_count': [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0],
                 'rating_star': 0.0,
                 'rcount_with_context': 0,
                 'rcount_with_image': 0},
 'item_status': 'normal',
 'item_type': 0,
 'itemid': 10163763535,
 'label_ids': [1009421, 1009800],
 'last_active_time': None,
 'liked': False,
 'liked_count': 0,
 'makeup': None,
 'makeups': None,
 'min_purchase_limit': 0,
 'models': [{'currency': 'INR',
             'current_promotion_has_reserve_stock': True,
             'current_promotion_reserved_stock': 3,
             'extinfo': {'group_buy_info': None,
                         'has_shopee_promo': True,
                         'holiday_mode_old_stock': None,
                         'seller_promotion_limit': 1,
                         'seller_promotion_refresh_time': 1637505000,
                         'tier_index': [0]},
             'has_gimmick_tag': False,
             'itemid': 10163763535,
             'modelid': 85504990949,
             'name': '',
             'normal_stock': 2,
             'price': 4900000,
             'price_before_discount': 29900000,
             'price_stocks': [{'allocated_stock': 10,
                               'end_time': 1637505000,
                               'item_id': 10163763535,
                               'model_id': 85504990949,
                               'price': 4900000,
                               'promotion_id': 2029978312,
                               'promotion_type': 302,
                               'purchase_limit': 1,
                               'rebate': 0,
                               'region': 'IN',
                               'shop_id': 545108588,
                               'start_time': 1637490600,
                               'stock': 3,
                               'stock_breakdown_by_location': [],
                               'stockout_time': None},
                              {'allocated_stock': None,
                               'end_time': None,
                               'item_id': 10163763535,
                               'model_id': 85504990949,
                               'price': 29900000,
                               'promotion_id': 0,
                               'promotion_type': 0,
                               'purchase_limit': None,
                               'rebate': None,
                               'region': 'IN',
                               'shop_id': 545108588,
                               'start_time': None,
                               'stock': 2,
                               'stock_breakdown_by_location': [],
                               'stockout_time': 0}],
             'promotionid': 2029978312,
             'sold': 0,
             'status': 1,
             'stock': 3}],
 'name': 'MR Ayurveda Premium Quality Brown Henna Powder, Hair Color (100 g)',
 'normal_stock': 2,
 'other_stock': 2,
 'overall_purchase_limit': {'end_date': None,
                            'item_overall_quota': None,
                            'order_max_purchase_limit': 0,
                            'overall_purchase_limit': None,
                            'start_date': None},
 'pack_size': None,
 'preview_info': None,
 'price': 4900000,
 'price_before_discount': 29900000,
 'price_max': 4900000,
 'price_max_before_discount': 29900000,
 'price_min': 4900000,
 'price_min_before_discount': 29900000,
 'raw_discount': 84,
 'reason': None,
 'recommendation_algorithm': None,
 'recommendation_info': None,
 'reference_item_id': '',
 'service_by_shopee_flag': None,
 'shipping_icon_type': 0,
 'shop_location': None,
 'shopee_verified': False,
 'shopid': 545108588,
 'show_discount': 84,
 'show_free_shipping': False,
 'show_official_shop_label': False,
 'show_official_shop_label_in_normal_position': None,
 'show_official_shop_label_in_title': False,
 'show_original_guarantee': False,
 'show_recycling_info': False,
 'show_shopee_verified_label': False,
 'size_chart': None,
 'slash_lowest_price': None,
 'sold': 0,
 'spl_info': None,
 'spl_installment_tenure': None,
 'status': 1,
 'stock': 3,
 'tier_variations': [{'images': [],
                      'name': '',
                      'options': [''],
                      'properties': [],
                      'type': 0}],
 'transparent_background_image': '4e0fea6fe04b9d5d718cf977f96c9a08',
 'upcoming_flash_sale': None,
 'userid': None,
 'video_info_list': [],
 'view_count': 58,
 'voucher_info': None,
 'welcome_package_info': None,
 'welcome_package_type': 0,
 'wholesale_tier_list': []}
 Nama:  MR Ayurveda Premium Quality Brown Henna Powder, Hair Color (100 g)
 Harga:  49
 Brand:  None
 Lokasi Toko:  None
Item(item_id=10163763535, shop_id=545108588, models=[Model(currency='INR', item_id=10163763535, model_id=85504990949, promotion_id=2029978312, name='', price=4900000, stock=3)], name='MR Ayurveda Premium Quality Brown Henna Powder, Hair Color (100 g)', price=4900000, price_before_discount=29900000, brand=None, shop_location=None, upcoming_flash_sale=None, add_on_deal_info=AddOnDealInfo(add_on_deal_id=None, add_on_deal_label=None, sub_type=None), price_min=4900000, price_max=4900000, stock=3, is_flash_sale=True)
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