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6 months ago
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09:45 <redfox> what a scared little fagot ass Federal goon bitch you are
09:51 <thefed> you'll live
09:54 <redfox> You're going to fucking die you Federal fagot you need to get killed
09:54 <redfox> I want to come find you and kill you you fucking Federal piece of shit
09:54 <redfox> You need to die
09:54 <redfox> Go kill yourself before I come do it for you
09:54 <redfox> You're going to fucking die you Federal
09:54 <redfox> Goon fagot motherfucker
09:55 <redfox> You weak sissy Federal piece of shit fagot motherfucker you're going to die I'm going to come find you and kill you
09:55 <redfox> You deserve to die
09:55 <redfox> You're a weak piece of shit and you have no place in the government you need to get killed
09:56 <thefed> you'll live 
09:57 <redfox> No I won't
09:57 <redfox> You're a pathetic fucking piece of shit you're mad you're so fucking mad
09:57 <redfox> Listen to how pathetic and Sissy you are you banned me because I told you that you're going to fucking die as a government goon
09:57 <redfox> You were such a weak pathetic pussy ass piece of shit
09:57 <redfox> You're a week Federal fagot you need to go kill yourself
09:57 <redfox> Go kill yourself you piece of shit no one loves you
09:59 <redfox> You don't even work for the federal government you're just a fucking pansy poser
09:59 <redfox> Fucking poser troll that's all you are
10:00 <redfox> Goon cry to your mom I'm going to fucking kill your goon ass
10:02 <redfox> You're scared by words and you have to tell yourself you're going to live through another day because you're a federal pathetic sissy goon fagot
10:02 <redfox> You're scared everyday you pathetic bitch
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