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2 years ago
768 B
Shadow Priest

Shadow crash 30 sec cooldown: applies vampiric touch 21 sec
Misery: vampiric touch applies shadow ward pain
Spend mind sear with mental decay talent to keep increasing the dots time 1 sec per cast

Mind flay/Mind spike are main fillers 
Mind flay better in general but need to check when to use everyone

Idol of Shaarj (not good)
Idol of C’Thun (very good in case taking mind flay tree - recommended)
Idol of Yoga-Salon (not that good, but works well with void eruption - aoe Idol)
Idol of N’Zoth (good passive aoe cleave in the kit - max 4 at the same time, are Idol)

Single Target:
Dark Asc
Idol of C’Thun (Best)
Mainly use Mind spike, but can use Mind flay if it’s not available
When dots are about to end (6-7 seconds) prioritise