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[B]Tibiantic[/B] is a realistic 7.4 server project. All items, map and game dynamics have been reverse engineered to version 7.4. We are planning a long-term gaming experience, not seasonal. There will be original experience and loot rate. There will be no additional quests or map changes. In other words, the game will be the same now as it was in the 2005. And of course there will be no pay to win! We would be happy to see you with us in this adventure that we have been preparing for a long time!

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[B]Tibiantic [/B]game client is well modified and crypted client that exactly mimics 7.4 client features. Based on our experiences on other servers. We allow multi-clienting for one rune maker per person. More than one multi-clienting is a reason for a short-term ban. So each person, ip can have online 2 characters same time. To be honest, I have created a beautiful server by struggling alone for a long time. I don't plan on shutting down this server.
We also need friends who will hold managerial positions in the team.

Tibiantic Rates :

Exp x1

Magic level x1

Skills x1

Hp/Mana Regeneration x1 (7.4)

Loot x1

[B]Tibiantic[/B] aims to offer a long-term and serious gaming experience. All cities in version 7.4 are originally in the game. Carlin,Thais,Venore,Ab'dendriel,Kazordoon,Ankrahmun,Darashia,Edron. There is no Port Hope.

Please join our discord server and accompany this adventure with us.
[SIZE=7][B]Join[/B] [URL='https://discord.com/invite/MDvDr7qmWS'][B]Discord[/B][/URL]
[B]Official [/B][URL='https://www.tibiantic.com'][B]Website[/B][/URL]
[B]Follow Us On [/B][URL='https://www.instagram.com/tibiantic/'][B]Instagram[/B][/URL][/SIZE]

[B][SIZE=7]Account creation is open!

[URL='https://www.tibiantic.com/?account/create']Create Account[/URL][/SIZE][/B]

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