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16 days ago
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[09:47] <zac> Just a quick warning if Luthrin continues to drain our members
[09:47] <zac> I will use our whole tourney arsenal to drain your clan
[09:48] <Fishwick> Zac you drained like 20k directly from Lusitania members yesterday and said how everything is fair in war
[09:49] <Fishwick> but I cant even see him hitting Apex
[09:49] <zac> oh no for sure
[09:49] <Fishwick> no Lusitania heists on apex today that I can see
[09:49] <zac> hes perfectly in his rights to
[09:49] <zac> but hes attacking juvo and zal
[09:49] <zac> i am being nice
[09:49] <zac> and giving you warning
[09:49] <Fishwick> you've never been nice to me in your life, everything benefits you somehow
[09:50] <Fishwick> im tryna work ngl
[09:50] <Fishwick> not even on bots
[09:50] <Fishwick> im not some diplomacy council for luthrin
[09:50] <zac> I have always been nice with you
[09:50] <zac> its you who has some grudge from when i was pothead you have held on to
[09:50] <zac> no one else has
[09:51] <zac> but anyway, just thought i would let you know as you are high up in lusitania, will leave you to it
[09:51] <Fishwick> what, you werent reborn like gandalf or something, thats you, and you act exactly the same now
[09:51] <Fishwick> you do all the stuff i didnt like back then
[09:51] <Fishwick> levelling people, onlining people
[09:51] <Fishwick> but yeah, gonna work
[09:51] <zac> apart from im 32 not 20 and dont smoke weed, i dont care if you like me because of how i play
[09:51] <zac> im nice with everyone generally
[09:51] <zac> hf
[09:51] <Fishwick> your age and whether you smoke weed wasnt my problem
[09:51] <Fishwick> it was your actions on the game
[09:52] <zac> you raped me when i was brand new
[09:52] <zac> so did sam
[09:52] <zac> but its not ok for me?
[09:52] <Fishwick> even your own clan members told me they dont like your actions yesterday lol, but they cant do anything
[09:52] <Fishwick> but yeah continue making the game hostile for everyone involved instead of just playing it
[09:52] <zac> you did it to me when i was new
[09:53] <Fishwick> i dont even remember what youre talking about
[09:53] <Fishwick> whos holding the grudge now
[09:53] <zac> you raped me with jack reacher i remember
[09:53] <zac> i dont care
[09:53] <zac> but dont complain about me doing it
[09:53] <zac> when you do the same things
[09:53] <zac> anyway im not idc to talk to you
[09:54] <zac> just letting you know as i said
[09:54] <Fishwick> i've done literally nothing negative to anyone on this game for like 5+ years lol
[09:54] <Fishwick> and jack reacher was my brothers account btw
[09:54] <zac> i called you fishdick or something as a joke
[09:54] <zac> and you raped me with a workshopped bot
[09:54] <Fishwick> i dont think you're gonna stop levelling and onlining and raping lusitania if i apologize for that
[09:55] <Fishwick> so why is it relevant
[09:55] <zac> because you say you dont like me for soing these things
[09:55] <Fishwick> your actions? yes
[09:55] <zac> yes but its ok for you lol
[09:55] <zac> do you like youself?
[09:55] <zac> anyway this is silly
[09:55] <Fishwick> yep
[09:56] <zac> just being nice and letting you know without going into why you dont like me etc
[09:56] <Fishwick> if gpof was levelling, onlining and raping lusitania
[09:56] <Fishwick> i wouldnt like him either
[09:56] <Fishwick> none of this is to do with some insult i dont even remember from 10 years ago
[09:56] <zac> you dont like someone for attacking people on a game?
[09:56] <Fishwick> rivals can exist that you respect, i like Peet for example
[09:56] <zac> thats ridiculous
[09:57] <Fishwick> you're just playing dumb
[09:57] <zac> this isnt a safespace 
[09:57] <Fishwick> so why are you mad at luth for attacking zal
[09:57] <zac> im not
[09:57] <Fishwick> the hypocrisy is astounding
[09:57] <zac> no its not
[09:57] <zac> im letting you know i will retaliate
[09:57] <zac> idc either way
[09:57] <Fishwick> like i said im not a diplomacy council
[09:58] <Fishwick> people will ofc retaliate to you if you do anything more
[09:58] <Fishwick> and then we have a toxic game
[09:58] <Fishwick> instead of a sporting competition
[09:58] <zac> i didnt think you were but ok great go back to work then have a nice day
[09:58] <Fishwick> and you dont care and you're gonna make that happen because you're petty
[09:58] <Fishwick> nos' words not mine
[09:58] <Fishwick> so yeah go ahead prove him right
[09:58] <zac> you can try all you want to turn people against me it wont bother me, i have played with apex members for 5 years
[09:58] <zac> on other stuff etc
[09:59] <Fishwick> im not trying to turn people against you
[09:59] <zac> and they dont judge me for how i want to play
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