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def get_vm_details():
    VMList = get_VMList()
    All_VM_Details = []
    for vm in VMList:
        vm_id = vm
            vm_ip = None
            syslog_file_location = None
            with open(agent_file, 'rt', encoding='latin-1') as file:
                for line in file:
                    if re.match(fr"^{vm}\.\b", line):  # Match exact prefix pattern

                        if ".privatip" in line:
                            vm_ip = re.findall(r'[0-9]+(?:\.[0-9]+){3}', line)
                            vm_ip = vm_ip[0] if vm_ip else None
                        elif line.startswith(str(vm) + ".vmmetricskpi.log.filename"):
                            syslog_file_location = line.split("=")[1].strip()

                    if vm_ip and syslog_file_location:

            VM_Details = {'vm_id': vm_id, 'vm_ip': vm_ip, 'syslog_file_location': syslog_file_location}
        except FileNotFoundError:
            print(f"{agent_file} not found")
            logging.error("Agent file not found %s", agent_file)
        except Exception as e:
            print(f"An error occurred while reading the file: {str(e)}")
            logging.error("Failed to get details for VM %s",e)

    return All_VM_Details

def purge_logs():
    vm_details = get_vm_details()

    for vm in vm_details:
        vm_id = vm['vm_id']
        vm_ip = vm['vm_ip']
        syslog_file = vm['syslog_file_location']
        retention_period = get_retention_period(vm_id)
        bookmark_index = get_bookmark_index(vm_ip)

        print("VM:", vm_id)
        print("VM_IP:", vm_ip)
        bookmark_record=str(vm_ip) + "_bookmark_log"
        print("Bookmark record ",bookmark_record)
        print("Syslog File Location:", syslog_file)
        print("Retention Period:", retention_period)
        print("Bookmark Index:", bookmark_index)
        #print("Purging Logs...")

            bookmark_line = linecache.getline(syslog_file, int(bookmark_index)).strip()
            print("Bookmark Line:", bookmark_line)
        except Exception as e:
            print("Exception while reading line from file:", e)
            logging.error("Exception while reading line from file %s ",e)
            return None

        if not bookmark_line:
            print("Bookmark line not found.")
            logging.error("Bookmark line not found.")

        bookmark_timestamp = get_timestamp_from_line(bookmark_line)
        print("Bookmark Timestamp:", bookmark_timestamp)
        logging.info("Bookmark Timestamp %s ", bookmark_timestamp)

        # Calculate the purging date (retention_period days before the bookmark timestamp)
        bookmark_date = datetime.datetime.strptime(bookmark_timestamp, "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S+00:00").date()
        print("Bookmark Date:", bookmark_date)
        logging.info("Bookmark Date %s ", bookmark_date)
        current_date = datetime.datetime.now().date()
        print("Current Date:", current_date)
        logging.info("Current Date %s ", current_date)

        purging_date = current_date - datetime.timedelta(days=retention_period)
        print("Purging Date:", purging_date)
        logging.info("Purging Date : %s ", purging_date)

        if purging_date <= bookmark_date:
            print("Performing Purging..")
            ## Function call to perform purging
            perform_purging(syslog_file, purging_date,bookmark_record)
            print("Purging date greater than Bookmark Date, no purging will be done")
            logging.info("Purging date greater than Bookmark Date, no purging will be done")

def perform_purging(syslog_file, purging_date, bookmark_record):
    # Perform the log purging
    temp_file = syslog_file + ".tmp"  # Create a temporary file

    # Search for the purging date in the syslog file
    purging_line_number = None
    with open(syslog_file, "r") as file:
        print("Opening Syslog File...")
        for line_number, line in enumerate(file, 1):
            if str(purging_date) in line:
                purging_line_number = line_number
                print("Purging Line Number:", purging_line_number)
                logging.info("Purging Line Number %s ",purging_line_number )

    if purging_line_number is not None:
        # Delete lines before the purging date
        with open(syslog_file, "r") as input_file, open(temp_file, "w") as output_file:
            for line_number, line in enumerate(input_file, 1):
                if line_number >= purging_line_number:

        # Replace the original file with the temporary file
        shutil.move(temp_file, syslog_file)

        lines_purged = purging_line_number - 1
        print("Purging Completed")
        logging.info("Purging Completed")
        print("Lines Purged:", lines_purged)
        logging.info("Lines Purged: %s ", lines_purged)
        print("Printing First Two Lines:")
        with open(syslog_file, "r") as file:

        # Update the bookmark index in the bookmark file
        update_bookmark_index(bookmark_record, lines_purged)
        print("Purging is not needed.")
        logging.info("Purging is not needed.")