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hello, these are the quizes i want to add on the project sir.. i also provide some solved samples...

here's some samples with solution and answers: https://file.io/DrhCKMHE0Rdn (these problems are almost the same and please sir use the same solution and codes same as the sample..)

1. Cody the Celebrity
by CodeChum Admin

After beating the record for the quickest time to beat a Hydra, Cody became a local celebrity in Codeville. He decided to hold fan meet-ups every weekend. When he arrived at the first fan meeting, Cody was shocked to see so many people. He didn't know how to give all of these people their equal share of autographs and photos, so he decided to come up with an algorithm.

First, he would count the number of fans (n) and determine if the number is even or odd. If they are even he would give n * 2 photos and signatures that day but if it is odd he would give out (n * 2) + 1.

Input the number of fans and have Cody print the number of autographs and signatures he will give.


1. Number of Cody's fans


It is guaranteed that there is at least 1 fan.


The first line will contain a message prompt to input the number of Cody's fans.
The second line contain the number of autographs and signatures Cody will give.


2. Treasure?!
by CodeChum Admin

After several days of wandering around an ancient ruined temple, you fall to your knees. Hungry, exhausted, and devoid of hope, you ask yourself whether or not this so-called “treasure” is worth the trouble. All of a sudden, a secret passage starts to reveal itself.

You enter the passage, hoping for at least a way out. Instead, you enter a room with nothing else but a glowing chest at the center. You finally found it! You rush towards the chest, eager to see what’s inside. Locked. Sealed with some sort of a magic spell.

Then all of a sudden, numbers start appearing out of thin air, and with each number comes the question: even or odd? Hurry! Make something that could help you determine whether a number is even or odd so you can find out what’s inside!


1. The number that appeared out of thin air


The first line will contain a message prompt to input the number.
The second line will contain the word "even" if the number is even or "odd" if the number is odd.


3. Is Jude There?
by CodeChum Admin

Hello, this is Jude's mom. I can't seem to find my son anywhere. I was told he worked in this building and I've been looking for his name everywhere but to no avail. Would you mind helping me find his name? I don't really care if some the letters of his name are capitalized as long as I find his name.


1. Four characters


The first line will contain a message prompt to input the four characters.
The second line contains either "I found Jude!" or "I didn't find Jude".


QUIZ 4: https://prnt.sc/Qsj_ZYMPlpPX (screenshot problem)

QUIZ 5: 

5.  Special Cody
by CodeChum Admin

That age problem was a close one, huh? But it seems that wasn’t enough to convince the kids that Cody IS NOT a robot, after all, Cody’s face is literally a computer monitor so who could blame them? Now, the kids are testing Cody by having him print special characters like " and \. They assumed that Cody wouldn’t be able to print these special characters if he functioned under a computer program but lucky for us, The Programmer anticipated something like this, remember? To teach these kids a lesson, have Cody print Look! I can print "special" 'characters' like \. to clear all suspicions of him being a robot.


A single line containing a string with special characters.