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In the heart of the Nebulous Forest, where the sun's rays shy away from piercing the thick canopy, lies the hidden city of Thaloria. This city, built around the ancient and gigantic Whispering Willow, is home to a unique civilization of nocturnal beings known as the Lunarians.

The Lunarians have eyes that shimmer like stars, reflecting the silvery moonlight that bathes their city. They've mastered the art of silent communication, speaking in whispers that sound like the rustle of leaves. Their homes are carved into the colossal branches of the Whispering Willow, and the city lights up at night with bioluminescent moss that clings to the tree bark.

The Lunarians are known for their wisdom and tranquility. They believe in living in harmony with the forest and its inhabitants. The city of Thaloria has no walls, symbolizing their open relationship with the rest of the Nebulous Forest. Despite its concealment, any wanderer who respects the forest is welcomed with open arms.