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1. Be self-sufficient and find solutions to technical design and development issues
 2. Work along with other team developers.
 3. Utilize functional testing to guarantee good code quality.
 4. Automate development pipeline procedures and find possibilities
 5. Create code structures that encourage reusability.
 6. Participate in an Agile product team made up of people from the technical, product, and business teams to produce top-notch products.
 7. Comprehensive knowledge of model-driven and object-oriented architecture
 8. Data structures and algorithmic understanding
 9. Self-motivated, keen to learn, and willing to work in a dynamic setting
 10. Provide dependable, fast-moving, low-latency applications 
 11. Adopt best practices for coding, testing, and deployment to continually enhance standards.
 12. Keep current with market trends

1. Computer science bachelor's degree or relevant work experience
    2. 2+ years of software development experience
    3. Present evidence of previous experience working with both relational databases (SQL) and non-relational databases and storage technologies (NoSQL).
    4. Outstanding verbal and written communication abilities
    5. The capacity to operate remotely and onboard
    7. Knowledge of recommended practices for RESTful web services.
    8. An upbeat outlook and a desire to share knowledge with others in your team and organization
    9. Willingness to collaborate and work openly with a varied team
    10. Expertise in a few programming languages, such as Python, Java, C++, etc.
    11. Deep comprehension of software design concepts, algorithms, and data structures.
    12. Tools for software development experience, such as IDEs and debuggers.
    13. Understanding of frameworks and procedures for software testing.