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    \textbf{\fontsize{21}{24}\selectfont ASHIQUL HASAN SHAKIL}
 \\ \vspace{6pt}
    \faPhone* \hspace{2pt} \texttt{01962-614004} 
    \hspace{1pt} $|$ \hspace{1pt} 
    \faEnvelope \hspace{2pt} \texttt{} \hspace{1pt} $|$ 
    {\hspace{1pt} \faGithub \hspace{2pt} \texttt{shakilsustswe} }
    \href{}{\hspace{1pt} \faLinkedin \hspace{2pt} \texttt{shakilsustswe}}
    \\ \vspace{10pt}

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\section*{Professional Experience}
    \textbf{Software Engineering Intern},\hfill Mohakhali,Dhaka\\
    \button{}{ORBITAX} \quad\hfill(02/23-08/2023)
    \item Worked on \button{}{ITP}- integrated with robust tax law database with advanced calculation, reporting, and workflow tools, catering to the needs of international tax professionals.
    \item Contributed on the analytics part of this project and fixed bugs.\\
    \item Faced challenges such as a large codebase, merge conflicts, coding structures, micro-service architecture, and learning new technologies.\\
    \item  .NET Core, Angular, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Git, Docker
\textbf{BSc. (Eng.) in Software Engineering}\\
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology \hfill Sylhet\\
Expected Graduation: \quad \hfill{02/2024} \\    
Current CGPA : \quad \hfill3.56  (Upto 7th semester)

    \textbf{Super Shop Management     \quad  }\hfill(08/22 - 12/2022) \\
    \item A web-based super shop management system enabling shop owners to efficiently manage employees and inventory. \\
    \item HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, NodeJS, Express, MySQL\\
    \item GitHub: \button{}{\faGithub}
    \textbf{BEPPY\quad}\hfill(05/21 - 12/2021) \\
    \item Android based application \\
    \item User can chat with his friend and also see location. \\
    \item Java, Geo-fence, Firebase \\
    \item GitHub: \button{}{\faGithub}
    \textbf{Socket Programming \quad }\hfill\hfill(01/22 - 04/2022) \\
    \item File transfer program between Client and Server \\
    \item Bi-directiocnal chat program between Client and Server \\
    \item One Server and Multiple Clients Java Socket, Thread \\
    \item GitHub: \button{}{\faGithub}
    % Add more projects as needed
\skillbox{Data Structure}
% Add more skills as needed

\section*{Problem Solving}

 Problem Solved Count- 700+

\quad Problem Solved Count- 600+, Contest Participated- 65+

\button{}{{ICPC 2021}}\\
Participated in ICPC 2021 Dhaka Regional Online Preliminary Contest

Participated in Hackathon at Leading University, Sylhet.

\textbf{Current Research Topic\quad }\hfill(08/2023 - Present) \\
Exploring Transformer Models for Punctuation
Prediction in Bangla Language.

\section*{Extra Curricular Activities}
\textbf{Theater SUST \quad}\hfill(10/22 - 10/2023) \\
\small Vice President(22nd Executive Committee)

\textbf{Champion (Footbal Tournament)} \\
\small Intra IICT Football Tournament 2023

\textbf{Champion (Cricket Tournament)} \\
\small IICT Director’s Sports Week 2022

% \begin{multicols}{2}
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  \item \textbf{Bengali} \\
  Native or Bilingual Proficiency\\
  \item \textbf{English} \\
  Working Proficiency \\

% \end{multicols}
% Add more languages as needed
\skillbox{Photography }
% Add more interests as needed


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