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# Want more configurability? Let me know in our Discord or in the resource discussion section!

# If we should register this addon's commands as a brewery subcommand or
# its own command registered on behalf of Brewery
# Subcommand: /brewery recipes <args>
# Command: /breweryrecipes <args>
# Requires a server restart to take effect
use-brewery-subcommand: true
# The main permission node for commands is brewery.cmd.recipes
  givebook: "breweryrecipes.givebook"
  give: "breweryrecipes.give"
  gui: "breweryrecipes.gui"
  openrecipebook: "breweryrecipes.openrecipebook"

# Recipes can be stored to a player via 2 methods:
# Permission_API, Command
# When using native permissions, BreweryRecipes will save update the player's permissions
# via the permission plugin's API
# When using COMMAND, BreweryRecipes will run the command specified in the command field
recipe-saving-method: Command

# Currently only supports: LuckPerms
permissions-api-plugin: LuckPerms

# The command to run when using COMMAND as the recipe-saving-method
# PLACEHOLDERS: %player% - The player's name
#               %permission% - The permission node
#               %boolean% - The boolean value of what the permission is being set to
permission-command: "lp user %player% permission set %permission% %boolean%"
permission-unset-command: "lp user %player% permission unset %permission%"

# PLACEHOLDERS: %recipe% - The recipe's key in the config with spaces replaces as underscores "_"
recipe-permission-node: "breweryrecipes.recipe.%recipe%"

# Recipes spawn in loot chests randomly throughout the world
# Disable this by setting your chance to -1
  bound: 100 # The highest value that the random number can generate to. Ex: 100 means a random number between 0 and 100
  chance: 20 # The chance that a recipe will spawn in a loot chest
  blacklisted-recipes: [ex] # A list of recipes that will not spawn in loot chests

  material: BOOK
  display_name: '&6&lRecipe Book'
  lore: ['&7Right-Click to open your', '&7recipe book!']
  glint: true

# The physical recipe item that will spawn in loot chests
# PLACEHOLDERS: %recipe% - The recipe's name
  material: PAPER
  name: '&#F7FFC9%recipe% &fRecipe'
  lore: ['&7Right-Click to redeem', '&7this recipe!']
  glint: true

# Full example Gui Border Item
# item:
#   material: SHORT_GRASS
#   slots: [ 0 ]
#   display_name: 'example item'
#   lore: [ 'example lore', 'another line' ]
#   glint: true
#   custom_model_data: -1
  title: '&#f670f1&lR&#dd7af6&le&#c584fa&lc&#ac8eff&li&#9c92ff&lp&#8d96ff&le&#7d9aff&ls'
  size: 54
    # The item that will be used to show all the recipes the player has
    # When material is set to POTION material the RGB/Color specified for the potion in the config will be used
    # PLACEHOLDERS: %recipe% - The recipe's name
    #               %difficulty% - The difficulty of the recipe
    #               %cooking_time% - The cooking time of the recipe
    #               %distill_runs% - The distill runs of the recipe
    #               %age% - The age of the recipe
    #               %barrel_type% - The barrel wood type of the recipe
    #               %ingredients% - The ingredients of the recipe using the ingredient-format
      # The format for the ingredients
      # PLACEHOLDERS: %amount% - The amount of the ingredient
      #               %ingredient% - The ingredient's name
      ingredient-format: ' &#F7FFC9%amount%x &f%ingredient%'
      material: PAPER
      slots: [19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34]
      display_name: '&#F7FFC9%recipe% &fRecipe'
        - '&fDifficulty&7: &#F7FFC9%difficulty%'
        - '&fCooking Time&7: &#F7FFC9%cooking_time%m'
        - '&fDistill Runs&7: &#F7FFC9%distill_runs%'
        - '&fAge&7: &#F7FFC9%age%yrs &f(Minecraft days)'
        - '&fBarrel Type&7: &#F7FFC9%barrel_type%'
        - ''
        - '&fIngredients&7:'
        - '%ingredients%'
      glint: true
      # If true, the custom model data will be set to the recipe's custom model data
      use-recipe-custom-model-data: false
    # PLACEHOLDERS: %total_recipes% - The total amount of recipes the player has out of the total recipes in Brewery's config
      material: BOOK
      slots: [49]
      display_name: '&#f498f6Total Recipes&7: &e%total_recipes%'
      glint: true
      material: ARROW
      slots: [50]
      display_name: '&#f498f6Next Page'
      lore: []
      material: ARROW
      slots: [48]
      display_name: '&#f498f6Previous Page'
      lore: []
    # Border items
      slots: [0, 8, 45, 53]
      display_name: '&0'
      material: SHORT_GRASS
      slots: [1, 7, 46, 52 ]
      display_name: '&0'
      material: FERN
      slots: [2, 6, 47, 51]
      display_name: '&0'
      material: PINK_TULIP
      slots: [3, 5, 48, 50]
      display_name: '&0'
      material: LILY_PAD
      slots: [4, 49]
      display_name: '&0'

  already-learned: 'You already know this recipe!'
  learned: 'You have learned the ''%s'' recipe&r!'

# Config version, do not change!
version: '1.7-BETA'
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