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  "title": "Discover Your Dress Color Personality!",
  "description": "Ever wondered what dress color best matches your unique personality? Take our quick quiz to uncover the color that truly represents you and get personalized dress recommendations. Let's add some color to your wardrobe that speaks your style!",
  "startButtonTitle": "Start the Quiz",
  "questions": [
      "type": "single-select",
      "question": "What's your go-to activity for relaxation?",
      "options": [
        {"text": "Reading a book", "value": "Blue"},
        {"text": "Adventure sports", "value": "Red"},
        {"text": "Gardening or being in nature", "value": "Green"},
        {"text": "Attending a party", "value": "Yellow"}
      "required": true
  "userInfoStep": {
    "fields": [
      {"name": "first_name", "required": true},
      {"name": "email", "required": true}
    "marketingConsent": "optional"
  "conclusion": {
    "message": "Thank you for completing our quiz! Based on your choices, your dress color personality is [Color]! This color symbolizes [Personality Trait], perfectly complementing your unique personality. Look for dresses in this color to express your true self. We've sent you a personalized recommendation to your email. Welcome to a more colorful wardrobe!"

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