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Communication Please read all alliance mail. If an R4 messages you respond within a timely manner. 

Activity Top Alliances require you to be active. If you are going to be offline for more than two days let someone in leadership know. Failure to do so may result in being demoted or removed from the alliance. 

Alliances have specific rules and timing of daily events. Please make yourself aware and follow at all times.

Base Location  We expect everyone to align their bases in the alliance forts to maximize space. Please be considerate of your base location. Ask an r4 in your alliance for more information. 
Facilities The top alliances have assigned facilities. Do not attack other alliances facilities. 

Attacks Zero tolerance for random base or tile attacks on other members of 330. If your base or tile is attacked please contact an r4 in your alliance and share the battle report with them. 

SunFire Castle rotates between the top alliances. Watch for Discord announcements before each SunFire Castle event for more info. 

-Do not use any buffs for SunFire Fight. Save your buffs for cross server events. like SvS.

Non SvS Kill Events Arranged attacks between both parties only.

Arena Limit to one arena win against the same 330 player, per day, unless an agreement has been made between you and the other player.

Be respectful to one another. Remember there are children in game and on our discord please be mindful of your language. No discussing politics or religion. 
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