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To create a CV or resume format for Malta, you can follow a standard format that highlights your skills, experience, and education. Here's an example of a basic CV/resume template in a code-like format:

=== Personal Information ===

Full Name: John Doe
Address: 123 Main Street, Sliema, Malta
Phone: +356 12345678
Email: johndoe@example.com
Nationality: Maltese

=== Profile ===

A motivated and diligent international student with a strong academic background in [Your Field/Area of Study]. Fluent in English and proficient in [Other Languages, if applicable]. Seeking opportunities to apply academic knowledge in a practical setting.

=== Education ===

[Start with most recent education]
- Degree Title (e.g., Bachelor of Science in Computer Science)
  University Name, Location
  Graduation Date: Month Year
  Relevant coursework: List relevant courses or projects

=== Work Experience ===

[Start with most recent experience]
- Job Title
  Company Name, Location
  Dates of Employment (Month Year - Month Year)
  - Describe your main responsibilities and achievements

=== Skills ===

- Programming Languages: List languages and proficiency level (e.g., Python - Advanced, Java - Intermediate)
- Software Applications: List relevant software/tools you are proficient in
- Language Skills: Specify language proficiency levels (e.g., English - Fluent, Maltese - Native)

=== Extracurricular Activities ===

- Mention any relevant extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or leadership roles

=== References ===

Available upon request.


**Key Points to Consider:**
- Replace placeholder text (e.g., `[Your Field/Area of Study]`, `Degree Title`, `Company Name`) with your specific information.
- Customize the content based on your education, work experience, and skills.
- Keep the layout clean and concise, ensuring important information (like education and work experience) is easily visible.
- Adapt the language and tone to match professional standards.
- If applying for jobs in Malta, tailor your CV/resume to highlight skills and experiences relevant to the Maltese job market.

You can use this template as a starting point and adjust it according to your individual background and the specific job opportunities you are targeting in Malta. Additionally, consider using standard document formatting tools (e.g., Microsoft Word, LaTeX) to create a polished and professional-looking CV/resume.
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