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// Must be outside of any component LifeCycle (such as `componentDidMount`).


    // (optional) Called when Token is generated (iOS and Android)

    onRegister: function (token) {

        console.log('TOKEN:', token);


    // (required) Called when a remote is received or opened, or local notification is opened

    onNotification: function (notification) {

        console.log('NOTIFICATION:', notification);

        // process the notification

        // (required) Called when a remote is received or opened, or local notification is opened



    // (optional) Called when Registered Action is pressed and invokeApp is false, if true onNotification will be called (Android)

    onAction: function (notification) {

        console.log('ACTION:', notification.action);

        console.log('NOTIFICATION:', notification);

        // process the action


    // (optional) Called when the user fails to register for remote notifications. Typically occurs when APNS is having issues, or the device is a simulator. (iOS)

    onRegistrationError: function (err) {

        console.error(err.message, err);


    // IOS ONLY (optional): default: all - Permissions to register.

    permissions: {

        alert: true,

        badge: true,

        sound: true,


    // Should the initial notification be popped automatically

    // default: true

    popInitialNotification: true,


     * (optional) default: true

     * - Specified if permissions (ios) and token (android and ios) will requested or not,

     * - if not, you must call PushNotificationsHandler.requestPermissions() later

     * - if you are not using remote notification or do not have Firebase installed, use this:

     *     requestPermissions: Platform.OS === 'ios'


    requestPermissions: true,