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The error message indicates there is an issue with the `Clear-Content` cmdlet and the type of object being passed to it. Specifically, it's saying that it cannot convert a `System.Object[]` to the `System.String` type required by the `Path` parameter.

Here’s what you should do to troubleshoot and fix the issue:

1. **Check the variable being passed to `Clear-Content`**:
   Make sure that the variable you are passing to `Clear-Content` is a string containing the file path and not an array of objects. 

2. **Ensure the correct usage of `Get-Content`**:
   If you're trying to clear the content of a file, ensure that you are passing the correct file path to `Clear-Content`.

Here's an example that might help:

# Example of correct usage
$filePath = "C:\path\to\your\file.csv"

# Ensure this is a string path and not an array of objects
if ($filePath -is [string]) {
    Clear-Content -Path $filePath
} else {
    Write-Output "The provided path is not a string."

From the screenshot you provided, it seems that your script might have an error around line 79. Here’s how you can correct it:

### Correcting the Script
If you're trying to count the lines and then clear the content, the corrected script might look something like this:

# Define file paths
$expiringAccounts90Days = "C:\path\to\expiringAccounts90Days.csv"
$expiringAccounts60Days = "C:\path\to\expiringAccounts60Days.csv"

# Check if the paths are correct
if ($expiringAccounts90Days -is [string] -and $expiringAccounts60Days -is [string]) {
    # Count lines in the CSV files
    $lineCount90Days = (Get-Content -Path $expiringAccounts90Days).Count
    $lineCount60Days = (Get-Content -Path $expiringAccounts60Days).Count

    Write-Output "90 Days file has $lineCount90Days lines."
    Write-Output "60 Days file has $lineCount60Days lines."

    # Clear the content of the files
    Clear-Content -Path $expiringAccounts90Days
    Clear-Content -Path $expiringAccounts60Days
} else {
    Write-Output "One or both paths are not strings."

### Explanation:
- **$expiringAccounts90Days and $expiringAccounts60Days**: Variables holding the file paths. Ensure they are strings.
- **Get-Content**: Used to read the file content and count the lines.
- **Clear-Content**: Used to clear the content of the files, and it expects a string path.

### Error in Email Sending:
There is also an SMTP exception related to the `Send-MailMessage` cmdlet, indicating insufficient system resources. You may need to check the system resources or the mail server configuration to resolve that issue.

If these steps do not resolve your issue, please provide more details about your script or the specific lines of code causing the problem.
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