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  - **Impact of Asset Price Fluctuations:**
     The literature highlights the significant impact of asset price fluctuations on investment portfolios. Research conducted by [Author 1] (Year) emphasizes that price risk is a primary concern for investors, as it directly influences the valuation of assets within a portfolio. The study employs statistical models to quantify the relationship between price movements and portfolio returns.

     Additionally, [Author 2] (Year) explores the behavioral aspects of investors in response to sudden price changes. The research suggests that abrupt fluctuations can lead to emotional reactions, affecting trading decisions and portfolio performance. Understanding the psychological dimensions of price risk is crucial for developing effective risk management strategies.

  - **Supply and Demand Dynamics:**
     Changes in supply and demand dynamics play a pivotal role in contributing to price risk. [Author 3] (Year) investigates the intricate relationship between market forces and asset prices. The study finds that imbalances in supply and demand can lead to rapid price shifts, exposing portfolios to heightened levels of volatility.

     Furthermore, [Author 4] (Year) introduces a comprehensive framework for analyzing supply and demand dynamics in different market conditions. The research emphasizes the importance of monitoring macroeconomic indicators and market sentiment to anticipate potential price movements. By understanding the underlying drivers of supply and demand, investors can make informed decisions to manage price risk effectively.
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